Last night I decided to take a break from my current game to play a few Pokemon matches. I also decided to experiment a little and throw a new team together. The results? Nobody wanted to play with me anymore. *Warning: This post involves gibberish of the Pokemon variety*

The team was basically thrown together using Pokemon that I had trained up but hadn't figured out a team to use them on yet. My team:

So yeah, not a well balanced team. But the thing is it's really bulky. All these Pokemon (except Charizard) have high HP and/or defenses and all of them (again, except Charizard) have moves or skills that can reliably keep their HP up.


My first match disconnected before the fight even began, then the second one I managed to poison and stall for about 15 turns and they ended up quitting. And then it kept going like that. Out of maybe 20 matches I only managed 3 complete fights (2 wins and a really, stupidly close loss). The other 17 quit on me either before we started or when the match started running long.

So I have a question. Have you ever had a game where someone refused to play against or with you?