This week’s episode of Face Off ventures into classic fairy tale fantasy territory. The seven remaining contestants are tasked with transforming beautiful sorceresses into their evil true visages. Magic mirror on the wall, which contestant will rise above them all? Results ahead.

Here’s a quick recap of last week’s Gauntlet episode. Kaleb made a bold but ultimately poor decision to not show the final challenge theme of “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” and was eliminated while Mel’s gory take won the final challenge.

This week’s challenge is straightforward. McKenzie Westmore meets the contestants at Lobo Castle and brings out seven models in fantasy beauty make-up. The task is to transform each model from a beautiful sorceress into her true evil visage incorporating each one’s title/theme.

Melissa’s Wiccan of the Woods, Mel’s Temptress of the Flame and Walter’s Emerald Empress are Safe looks this week.

Yvonne is again a Top Look this week with her Corpse Conjurer. She has stepped up her game since the first few weeks when she was a Bottom Look.

Rob was hoping for a dragon when he got to the castle and was able to nab the Dragon Queen as his choice. He put in a lot of work and was able to create what he wanted. He is the other Top Look and wins the challenge. Barring a catastrophe he will be in the finale and I’ll go ahead and predict he will probably win this season.

Robert chooses to show his Sea Witch in transition with part of the face still looking human. The judges don’t like the choice and he is a Bottom Look.

Anna has trouble from the start with her Shadow Enchantress and things get away from her. This week she is the other Bottom Look and is sent home.

In the McKenzie Report here are McKenzie Westmore’s looks during the introduction and on the reveal stage.

The quote above is from an article on Reality Blurred about what a day in the life of a Face Off model is like.

As always, you can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here. Images in this post via screencap, the Syfy website and McKenzie Westmore’s Instagram account.