Still reeling from Zerstörer’s attack on the precinct, Nick and his remaining friends (and Renard) throw everything they can to stop the end times, and keep Zerstörer from taking Diana and Kelly. Death, destruction, and spoilers after the break. Also, since someone was cool enough to post them, there’s going to be a lot of Youtube clips and gifs down below.

The final episode picks up where the previous one ended, with Hank and Wu and everyone else inside the Portland PD precinct dead.

Nick tries using the stick to bring them back but it’s no use, they’re gone. Trubel arrives and reacts pretty much how I did when last week’s episode ended.

Nick calls Adalind to warn her, and sends Trubel to go check in with her and Renard. Which is an awkward reunion since Trubel wasn’t briefed that Renard is back on their side, but she seems to grudgingly accept it an stands guard outside the cabin.


Back at the spice shop, after worrying that Zerstörer may in fact be unstoppable, Monroe finds a passage about the “strength of one’s blood” and Rosalee recalls a rare and powerful potion that could weaken him, and it’s rare because it requires the blood of a Grimm, a wesen, and a hexenbiest, who don’t normally get along, unless you happen to be Nick, Adalind, and Monroe. Finally, a lucky break.

Nick shows up, and shares the horrible news about Hank, Wu and every other cop in the precinct, and then gets ready to head out to the cabin to mix his blood with Adalind’s and Monroe’s. Rosalee and Monroe head over first, with Nick and Eve right behind them. Until Zerstörer shows up, and forces Eve to stab herself with her own dagger, before disappearing, and once again leaving only Nick alive.


Nick now heads to the cabin to regroup with everyone still alive. Before everyone shows up, Adalind and Renard discuss how they may have made a lot of mistakes, but Diana isn’t one of them.

It’s almost like Renard is trying to make peace with her. They also talk about the ring Bonaparte put on her finger and warned that removing it would bring harm to her children. And Renard makes a solemn promise to her.

Nick shows up, and has to break the news that Eve has also been killed. Then they get to work on their blood potion, and it turns out to be some powerful stuff. Rosalee can’t bring herself to stab all 3 of their hands at once, so Renard volunteers, and Trubel ends up helping. And it’s just barely in time...

Rosalee starts stirring it with a metal spoon, that is quickly dissolved.

They plan to pour it into some darts to shoot at Zerstörer but it’s too late. Diana comes into the room to let them know “he’s here”, but even more scary, she’s very calm about it and seems to have accepted her fate. Everyone else is ready to take the fight outside.

Renard keeps his promise and goes full half-zauberbiest on Zerstörer, but as strong as he, it’s not enough.

And Diana doesn’t seem at all concerned that her dad was just killed. Monroe manages to splash the blood potion onto Zerstörer and it does hurt him, for about a minute.


He locks the cabin doors and windows, preventing Trubel from escaping with Kelly, and then starts choking Nick with his own axe when Adalind uses her powers to telekinetically grab the axe and take a swing, making her next to die.

Up next, Rosalee tries to use his own staff on him, but he does the snake trick and gets both her and Monroe after he manages to pull the snake off Rosalee. It was a tough scene to watch. But it’s not over. Zerstörer then enters the cabin, and Trubel tries to stop him, but meets the same fate as everyone else.


Nick has lost everyone, except his son, but Zerstörer unwoges and makes him an offer, that in exchange for the stick, he can bring back all his friends. And as a show of good faith, he brings back Trubel. And Nick is ready to hand it over to get all his friends back.

Trubel tries to talk him out of it, but when they doesn’t work, she tries to fight him out of it. And then Nick gets some very unexpected help, who explain that Zerstörer needs the stick to restore the staff to its full power, but he can’t just take it, he needs Nick to willingly give it to him. And that Nick can call on the power of his own blood, and his Grimm ancestry to defeat Zerstörer.

So Nick puts up one more fight, but this time he’s got not just one other Grimm helping, but three. And even Zerstörer can’t beat the four of them, especially when he’s stabbed with his own staff.

Nick also removes the ring from Adalind’s finger, now that she’s dead, even though in theory something bad could still happen to her children, but maybe the curse doesn’t work if the one who cast it and the one who it was cast on are both dead. Diana comes out from the cabin, and asks about the other 2 Grimm, so at least Nick wasn’t the only one who saw them.

But just as he realizes he can use also use the staff to bring back the dead, Zerstörer’s body turns to ash and those ashes turn into a portal, pulling the staff in, and Nick with it.

And then he comes crashing through Monroe’s mirror, just like when Diana first brought him and Eve back from the “other place”, but this time Zerstörer doesn’t come through because he’s dead. So Nick gets a reset, and everyone’s alive! And I don’t care if it’s a cheesy happy ending, it sucked when everyone was dead, and this is awesome.

Also, Diana somehow knows what happened in what is now an alternate future.

And Zerstörer might not have come through, but the staff did.

And then we get something I was hoping for, a glimpse into the future, with a grown up Kelly and Diana.

They trailer might look old fashioned on the outside, but seems pretty updated on the inside.

And here’s grown up Kelly, now a Grimm.

And grown up Diana, still a powerful royal blooded daughter of a hexenbiest and half-zauberbiest who doesn’t need to woge to use her powers.

And the staff is in the weapons cabinet. And they’re very brother & sisterly.

And that’s the end of the series. Or rather, this was.


That was such a depressing first half! I was so glad when Nick went into that portal and came through in Monroe’s house as if he just came back from getting Eve, but this time Zerstörer didn’t come through and everyone’s alive. I absolutely loved the “happily ever after” ending.


They have got to do a TV movie, part in our time right after the battle with Zerstörer, and part in the future, with Diana and Kelly and the triplets who we totally need to see. I also want to see if Kelly is a Grimm but also somehow a half-zauberbiest like Renard, that can woge and get a boost in strength. That’d be pretty cool.

Come on NBC! You did six seasons, now we just need a movie!

Oh, and it turns out Trubel is related to Nick, as his 3rd cousin on his mom’s side. And that’s because the Grimms all descend from one original Grimm, so it’s kind of like the Slayers, except it’s an actual bloodline.


Seriously though, ifthey make a movie, miniseries or even regular series with the next generation of Diana, Kelly, and the triplets, I will absolutely watch it.

What did you all think?

(Youtube clips from Arya Iris, Social News XYZ, and the official Grimm Page)

(Gifs from dailygrimm on Tumblr)

(Wesen and character names from Grimm Wiki)