Oh. Wait. That’s your job as a well made piece of fiction... Well done, then! Let me rephrase that - why do I have to go to the kids movies to find a film that gives me deep feelings and makes me think about my life???

And why did I have to wait until October to legally see this in a theatre in my country? Do you want pirates, Disney? Because that is how you get pirates! And if I am to believe you, movie pirates are the scariest thing ever!

On the other hand, the long period of waiting of course gave me a rough idea of what to expect - one that the trailers and ads certainly didn’t...


This is a little like Frozen all over again.... you are really, really ashamed of yourself for bringing really clever and meaningful animation into the cinemas so you market it as silly fluff... that’s a little...

Anyway... This one is making me think... None of my core memories is hockey related... :)

Or sports related - at least none of the good ones.... :(

But my, is there a lot of movies and books and TV in there... :D For kids like me... us... ;) this movie could be really helpful could it not?

Oh - and by the way- Disney Germany - “Everything is standing on its head”? Why? How? What is that German title even supposed to mean???

But thank you for at least hiring the only one who can rightfully dub Lewis Black. Well done!