At the end of last week's episode, Juliet was fully on board with helping Nick get his Grimm powers back, especially if it means he'll be able to help their friends Monroe and Rosalee, Let's find out they go through with it and if it works, spoilers after the break.

After seeing the wesen equivalent of a burning cross on Monroe & Rosalee's front lawn, Juliet tells Nick he needs to be a Grimm again. Hank puts out the fire, Nick asks the inter-breed wesen couple if they want to file police charges and they mention there's no use. While it's not officially sanctioned by the wesen council, there are members who also feel that all wesen should be purebred. Monroe mentions that it's not Nick's concern, and that's when he and Juliet say "it will be again soon!"

So it's off to their house, where Elizabeth shows up to help brew up a fresh batch of potion, which Juliet then takes 3 puffs of from the magic hat/bong, and in a few minutes she looks like Adalind. She also warns the couple that the cure may take some time to work, if it does at all.


Everyone leaves, after freaking out a bit over the change, and then Nick and Juliet who looks like Adalind go to their room to make magic (literally and figuratively). There's a joke about this being Nick's only sanctioned affair (made by Juliet) and a bunch of lights are turned off. Since this is network TV, the next scene is the two of them in bed afterwards, with Juliet asking Nick how it was, and Nick being smart enough not to answer that.

Then while in the bathroom getting dressed, Juliet has a sudden pain in her stomach and collapses to the floor, but it just lasts a minute and she turns back to her regular appearance shortly after.

The next morning, Monroe woges to see if Nick can see it again but he can't. Meantime, he gets called in for some police stuff. The same night he was going through the easiest by far of the two methods we've seen used to restore lost powers, another couple was driving along the scenic highway when they were ambushed by some tacks on the road after being tailgated by a big truck with its high beams on. The couple go over a ditch and crash. The truck turns out to be driven by some lizard wesen who choke the man with their lizard tongue and then pull him out. His girlfriend can't be moved from the car because she's stuck so they leave her there for someone to find and call the cops.


There's a deputy sheriff to help out on this case, and Nick is reminded of a similar case he worked years ago, and it turns out this one follows the same pattern and there have been other incidents like this, with couples going off the road and never being found again. While at the precinct, Nick thinks he sees a wesen suspect woge, but not fully. On the site was a little statuette of a lizard-man with a long tongue made of scrap metal, so they do a search of local places to get that metal from and also check around the other spots from the previous cases.

Nick seems to be getting his zombie-enhanced senses back when he hears some things that no one should be able to and his able to help his friends dig up more of those statues. After a trip to the trailer, they find out what the wesen are, and that they used to be Thugee and would offer sacrifices to Kali. The ritual nature of these sacrifices explains why the missing couples happen on a regular schedule. As usual Sgt. Wu has done the research and provided info on which scrapyard is the most likely source of the metal used for the figures.

The deputy sheriff happens upon the scrap yard where the wesen work, but gets tongue'd and knocked out. The senior of the 3 wesen calls out the other 2 for being stupid for taking out a cop (especially after she just told Nick where she was) but decides the damage is done so they'll do the sacrificial offering that night. Nick asks Monroe to come along to help ID the wesen, and he goes after Juliet shows up with a gun, followed by Trubel so that Monroe won't feel like he's leaving Rosalee to be attacked by more wesen bigots.

Nick starts getting his powers back when they get to the junkyard but that includes his super hearing which overwhelms him. Hank goes on ahead and finds the deputy sheriff, and tries to help her out of the pit she's been tossed into. Monroe is about to help when he gets knocked into the pit with the driver from earlier. And apparently them jumping/being knocked into those pits defiles them so at least that worked out.

Nick gets captures but just in time, his powers are back! One of the wesen woges in front of him and he sees it and they see his eyes and exclaim "you're a Grimm!" to which Nick replies "yes I am". Then he kicks some wesen ass, because it looks like when his powers returned so did the side effects from being zombified and cured (glad the show didn't forget about that like it seemed to have).

In other goings on, Adalind is now working with Viktor and the royals, and they figure out that Nick's mom has the baby. And Renard tells his mom when he knows where his daughter and Nick's mom are, he'll let her know. So the hunt is on for Sean and Adalind's daughter and Nick's mom. I'm hoping Kelly and Elizabeth (and the baby) will team up to take out whatever forces the royal family sends out.

Trubel is still being followed by the secret group of wesen who approached her before (led by the FBI agent), and after one of the sitting in a car reporting on her is confronted and denies it, she punctures his tires with a butterfly knife. Josh Porter, the normal human son of a Grimm shows up at Nick's house looking for help, and Trubel lets Nick know after he lets everyone know he's got his powers back.

She's also so relieved and happy about not being the only Grimm that she's moved to tears.

Thoughts & observations.

Glad Nick finally got his powers back and that he seemed to get his post-zombie power boosts that came with them (heightened senses, extra strength even for a Grimm). And that he's not treating it like a curse but actually likes having his powers.


When Juliet grabbed her stomach in pain, I immediately thought "since Adalind was pregnant before she took Nick's powers, what if Juliet gets pregnant restoring them?" And it looks like the writers thought of that too based on the preview for next week.

(I know you wouldn't normally know a few days or even a week later, but this is Grimm and there was magic involved)


It was enjoyable watching Trubel have fun with her tail from the wesen FBI, including seeing them have to get their car towed.

I don't think Renard intends to betray Nick or his mom but he probably feels his own mom is just as capable of protecting his daughter and it's her actual grandmother. I'm really hoping for the two moms to team up and take out the royal family just the 2 and a half of them.

It kind of seemed like the deputy sheriff was being set up as a romantic interest for Hank, which is good, he should get one who isn't a witch out to get him but who can also take care of herself.


I'm hoping Adalind will be smart enough to betray the Viktor as soon as she gets her daughter back because there's really no reason to trust him.

I didn't realize this until I was writing this up but the Highway of Tears is a real thing that happened in Canada, which is a horrible thing.…