On Friday’s Grimm, no one works a case or goes near the precinct, because it’s time for some serious Grimm business. Spoilers after the break.

After going through the mirror last episode, Eve wakes up on the other side, and learns that it’s a one way mirror.

And once her view is blocked, she notices those mysterious symbols are carved into the stone.

After not being able to see what her friends are doing, Eve goes into the woods and comes across some wesen chasing a human. He manages to kill one with an axe but the other 2 overpower him and start chowing down.

The dead wesen, who doesn’t change back to human, then gets eaten by another wesen species.


After realizing what had happened, Monroe and Rosalee first try to look at the book Eve brought with her.

When that proves to not be possible, they call Adalind and Nick. After giving Diana a little warning, Adalind woges to re-open the book, and learn how Eve went though. Diana takes it all in stride.

Once Adalind figures out that hexenbiest blood has to be used to cross over, she volunteers but Rosalee reminds her she has 2 kids and since Nick only has one apparently it’s ok for him to go, which he’s able to do by using the stick. Which he tries to take with him but it stays behind.


After ending up in the other world, Nick also encounters some wesen and one of them speaks to him in German before attacking. Nick fights him off, but when it’s not going well, he pulls out his gun and shoots it dead. Eve hears the shots and finds him and they compare notes. Like how they stay woged after being killed.

And that Eve is starting to involuntarily woge, starting with her hands. So they better find skull face and kill him fast.

Back in our world, with no options left Adalind suggests calling Renard since he seems to be in contact with someone who might know more about the symbols. And with his daughter mixed up in it, he’s willing to work with the team again.

He gets caught up on the tunnels, and even the cloth and the stick, and has the same first impression as everyone else: “the big deal treasure unlocked by the seven keys is a stick?!”

In the all wesen all the time world, Nick and Eve are being chased by the dead blutbad’s pack, and find a human village of sorts. And Nick makes a big impression by shooting 2 of them dead, but they might be less impressed if they understood that he has a limited number of bullets and shot each of them twice.

After the villagers welcome him and Eve (who hides her woging hands), he does a police sketch of Skull face and finds out what he’s called: Zerstorer (“destroyer”).

The villagers are convinced Nick can kill skull face, and will lead him and Eve to it.

It’s location turns out to be near the wesen Stonehenge they appeared at when they went through the mirror. He then tells them only wesen go beyond that point, and then freaks out when he sees Eve’s hands and realizes she’s a hexenbiest.

So Nick and Eve go the rest of the way just the 2 of them, and in addition to the symbols carved on the stone, there’s also some familiar looking constellations in the sky...

They also have a heart to heart about how thing were, and how they are now.

But before they continue waiting for skull face, we see Renard contact his friend in Siberia and this time she gets to talk with Diana herself, and gives Renard some very bad news in Russian. Yikes.

Diana is way too young to be some demon bride and have a 100 children. Hopefully she’s powerful enough to put a stop to that.

Back in the other place, Nick and Eve come face to face with Zerstorer, who uses his stick to send a wave of energy that knocks them down. Nick then fires his last remaining bullets at it and wastes 3 bullets he maybe could have used in case any more blutbad showed up.

It then identifies Nick as a decapitare before the staff start glowing and Eve starts going full hexenbiest, and something weird going on with Nick’s face too. Maybe that’s what the Grimm look like in this world?

But we’re not going to see what happens next until next time...


This other world seems like the distant past, based on the humans being the torches and spear variety, and the wesen eating other wesen that aren’t the same kind, and the humans roasting the dead blutbad. Still can’t believe Nick ate some, what would Monroe think?!


If this is the far past then that means wesen were originally their animal form and later learned to appear human, before eventually evolving(?) to appear human until they reveal their animal form.

Which also means if there were Grimms back then, they wouldn’t know it because everyone saw the wesen as they were. Unless all of them were Grimm and they retained the ability to see the wesen even after they started to mainly appear human.

Nick really should have packed more ammo, or just generally planned a little more before using the stick to go through the mirror.


There’s only 2 episode left, and I’m still hoping the last one will be a glimpse into the future with a grown up Diana and Kelly and getting to see what they’ll be up to.

What did you all think?

(Gifs from dailygrimm.tumblr & Grimm Wiki).