Spotted Hyenas

Last month I posted about these Spotted Hyena cubs who were making their way to the Denver Zoo to form a new clan together. Tavi and Nia (female) and Kelele (male) are out of quarantine and available for the public to see in their new habitat.

While these cubs will not be forming a research clan like the one that was recently dismantled at UC Berkeley due to lack of funding, it will allow visitors the opportunity to change their misconceptions about these often maligned but extremely intelligent animals.

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Fennec Fox

This three-month-old Fennec Fox cub will soon join the ranks of the Animal Ambassadors at the San Diego Zoo.

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And there's video!


Mama Tajiri at the Philadelphia Zoo has her paws full with four rambunctious cubs (cubs are always rambunctious - it's a requirement).

Though the cubs are currently unsexed, as it will be some time before keepers will be allowed to take a closer look at them, they do have names - Mali, Kataba, Msinga and Sabi. Tajiri has been doing such a fantastic job as a lion mum that the keepers wanted to allow her as much autonomy as possible in taking care of her family.

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And video!