I wrote about the Sumatran Tiger cubs of the Topeka Zoo back in May, and they are growing up fast. They have also discovered that their mother's tail makes a fantastic toy, and are taking full advantage.

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And there's video! SO MUCH VIDEO!

Golden Jackals

NaturZoo Rheine in Germany has some rambunctious Golden Jackal pups, which is a rare sight for zoos (Golden Jackals are common but not typically found in zoos).

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At the Cango Wildlife Ranch, Venus the Cheetah's life was transformed when she became one of the very few animals in the world to have eye surgery. The surgery was to remove bilateral cataracts, a condition with which Venus was born, and had deteriorated as she grew older.

As Venus recovered with such improved vision, she progressed from the timid, fearfully aggressive cat she'd been into a bolder, more confident animal eager to explore her surroundings. And now she's become a momma herself, giving birth to two Cheetah cubs.

I've written about Cheetahs in my Caturday series.