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Just saw Spectre with my brother today and given that it will be released in the USA tomorrow, I’ve decided to post this discussion thread for anyone who has seen it already.


Personally, I thought the film was meh, not great but I wasn’t bored at any real point.


I disliked how they undermined Skyfall, I’m sorry but I don’t buy for a second that Silva was part of Spectre. Not only does that ruin the whole close and personal aspect of the film and undermine Silva by going “Hey! He was just our pawn”. But it doesn’t make all that sense. Silva only cared about getting revenge on M and didn’t care about world domination. I just don’t buy he was part of Spectre and it felt like a forced way to connect those events with this film.

Apart from that, the films pacing was awful and could have been better edited. Andrew Scott and Monica Bellucci were underused and the romance with Swan felt forced.

Positives though were the action scenes were good, I liked that they shot on actual film which does give the film its own feel compared to the other Craig films and I liked how the rest of the Bond gang got a lot to do in this film.

Also, in the Spectre meeting scene in Rome, were the rest of the cabinet the other old Spectre members like Dr. No, Goldfinger, Mr Big etc?

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