In 1979, Ridley Scott redefined science fiction-horror with Alien, a movie that, according to Roger Ebert, "vibrates with a dark and frightening intensity." I shouldn't need to describe the plot of the film to anyone here, but here it is:

The crew of the Nostromo, a commercial space tow ship, are returning to Earth when they are awakened by the ship to investigate a mysterious transmission. Giant dead aliens are encountered, John Hurt has a very close encounter with a face hugger and no one but Sigourney Weaver and her cat survives. If you don't like this film, we can never be friends. But don't feel bad, you're not alone.

To be honest, this movie has unbelievably high reviews. It has a 4.5 star average on Amazon and only 16 1-star reviews. I expected this to be a bust with just "my DVD didn't work" reviews to work with, but I was surprised. Here we go:

Unhealthy Images FOr The Mind

"There is no doubt that Ridley Scott is a genius of a movie maker. And there is also no doubt that the writing and filmography here are outstanding. Yet, in my opinion, none of the positive aspects of "Alien" justify the disgusting and horrifying images that remain in the mind after viewing. Strangely enough, of the four Alien movies made (the other three without Scott's direction), I believe that the second and fourth of the series are terrific for action/adventure/and horror fans. In the second one, actress Weaver gives one of the greatest performances of this genre ever."


So let me get this straight. Ridley Scott is a genius, the writing and filmography are outstanding but you're giving it a 1-star review because the images were too horrifying? Too horrifying for a horror movie? An the fourth Alien movie is terrific? Come on now! This has got to be fake.

What do people see in this film?

"What do people see in this film? I am not one for horror films, though I do like this alien stuff. Nothing happens in the film. Nothing. We spent most of the time waiting and waiting for something to happen. This movie could have been cut to half an hour, easy. There is a saying that says that fear is being scared of the unknown, something that the X-Files has done really well."


This reviewer goes on to complain that we barely get to see the alien and that the special effects are horrible compared to Star Wars. That is a fair point about the special effects. I suppose that is why Alien won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in 1979.

This film is a disgrace to sc-fi movies

"Any good sc-fi movies should have an meaningful and logical story, this is exactly what Alien lack. The CGI(if any) and special effect frankly not today's standard which make this film nothing more than a piece of junk. I keep on asking this question when I watched this film: "If nobody came to this alien planet, how can the Aliens survive in the first place?"(This aliens are not intelligence enough to make any spaceship)If you looked for a film in similar genre I highly recommand you watch "The thing" instead. Alien is no more than the psychopath in "Friday the 13th" dressing in Alien suit. This film is just a waste of time and money."


The CGI was terrible in Alien, mostly because there was not any. No CGI is always the worst CGI. I agree with the reviewer on one point though. I also highly recommand that you watch The Thing. When I commanded you the first time, you should have listened.

Over hyped and just plain awful.

"Completely overrated. I felt nothing for the characters, the acting was plain bad and they kept making one bad alien movie after another with the exact same redundant plot line. I really hope they don't make any more alien movies. It's become an awful franchise like Nightmare on Elm Street. I'm glad they went in a new direction with Prometheus which is a much better film than all the alien movies combined."


Well, that pretty much sums it up right there. All of the Alien movies were bad, thankfully Ridley Scott righted the ship with the masterpiece that is Prometheus. I think we are done here.