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There are dozens of lazy parodies, perpetually pumped out by the Friedbergs and Seltzers of the world. Movies filled to bursting with dated pop culture references and childish dick jokes. And then there is Galaxy Quest.


Galaxy Quest follows the adventures of Commander Peter Quincy Taggart and his loyal crew aboard the NSEA Protector, a spaceship tasked with a mission of discovery. Wait, that's not really correct. Galaxy Quest follows the adventures of Jason Nesmith, the egotistical actor who played Commander Peter Quincy Taggart and the actors who played his crew who despise him for constantly overshadowing them. The plot of the movie basically boils down to this: an alien civilization with no concept of fiction discovers the transmissions of an old science fiction show and believes them to be historical records. They build a real working version of the ship from the show and try to enlist the actors from the show to defend them from an evil warlord. Of course, the actors are incapable of being an actual space ship crew and hijinks ensue through a series of ridiculously contrived science fiction scenarios. Seriously, it's like Star Trek Tropes: The Motion Picture. Finally, the group of actors pulls together and achieves their heroic destiny with a lot of help from some loyal fans.

Galaxy Quest from released on Christmas day in 1999 and was a financial and critical success. Directed by Dean Parisot and with a bevy of stars including Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Tony Shaloub, Alan Rickman and Sam Rockwell, the film manages to poke fun at Star Trek and its fandom without ever being mean spirited. One could say that the film's greatest success was its acceptance by Trekkies and even cast members from the Star Trek franchise, including Patrick Stewart and George Takei. If you search some on the internet, you can even find the movie ranked higher than canon entries on lists of the best Star Trek films. Galaxy Quest won the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation and the Nebula Award for Best Script. Overall the film was nominated for ten Saturn Awards including Best Director for Parisot, Best Actress for Weaver, and Best Supporting Actor for Rickman. Tim Allen won the lone award for Best Actor. Even with all of this praise and success, there are some who do not like this film.


Let's look at the stats. There are currently 1221 reviews on Amazon.com for Galaxy Quest with an overall rating of 4.6 stars. There are 17 1-Star reviews with seven of these being for technical issues such as the one reviewer who was disappointed that a Region 2 DVD was not a sequel. That leaves 10 humorless souls with no love for this movie...or does it?

Love this movie

This parody is a classic. Cult following is justified. Best line? "Those poor people" Favorite line "historical documents"

I watch this every year or so and still laugh!


Maybe Amazon just hasn't clearly explained how their rating system works. Let me try. We are rating these films on a scale of 1 to 5 stars with 1-Star meaning it was the worst movie ever and 5-stars meaning it was the best.


Don't believe the hype! This film would barely cut it as a made-for-tv movie. The story is obvious and boring. The characters are unimaginative and dull. Tim Allen is a little too self-satisfied with his phoned-in performance. Making fun of Trekies is like shooting fish in a barrel.


I'm not really sure if you are confusing Tim Allen acting like a spoiled, lazy actor for the movie as Tim Allen being a spoiled, lazy actor in real life. This is a big problem with these reviews. Everyone needs to be more detailed with their critiques. What makes the story "obvious and boring"? How are the characters "unimaginative and dull"? Paint a picture for me about how bad the movie was! You have to show, don't tell.


This movie stunk! I was soo hoping it would be good, but it wasn't. I'm sorry. I actually had to stop the madness and shut it off with about 30 minutes to go.


The plot was decent, and I really thought with the good cast it would be hysterical, but it was not to be. I found I only mildly chuckled, and before I knew it, I was more than a hour into the movie.

The guy from "Just Shoot Me" plays a really annoying alien that makes you grind your teeth.


If you want laughs, I'd look elsewhere!

The guy from Just Shoot Me has a name. It is Enrico Colantoni and he is a very successful actor. The question I have is, if the plot was decent and you "mildly chuckled", what made this a "Stink-o-rama"?


about as interesting as actually watching Star Trek

I'm not sure who is supposed to like this film. If you don't like Star Trek you won't get half the "puns" and if you do like Star Trek you won't like having fun poked at you as a geeky Billy No-mates who dresses up as his favourite actor 20 years after the show ended.


Try Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels if you want to see a genuinely funny comedy.

I really like this review just for the phrase "Billy No-mates". Is this a common phrase in England? I'm stealing it. As for non Star Trek fans getting the jokes, I'll confess something. I'm not a fan of Star Trek and I got all of the jokes. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was pretty funny, though.


Worst Movie Ever

Hated it. Every minute of it. I've tried watching it three times because my older brother actually bought it, but I've fallen asleep every time. Rent Napoleon Dynamite if you actually want to laugh.


By Grabthar's hammer, since you think Napoleon Dynamite is funny, I don't trust your opinion!

Not what I like to see

I givita one. I went to this movie with some friends over stuart Little, and I wish I woulda went to stuart little instead! This movie was NOT worth it, unless u like those kinda movies like My favorite martian and inspector gadget. I was in total boredom, I wasn't even barely paying attention to the movie after a while.


Stuart Little is a decent movie. I wouldn't have picked it to see over this movie in 1999, but that's me. I also wouldn't recommend the My Favorite Martian or Inspector Gadget movies to anyone.

Pretty Bad

But Sigourney Weaver actually looks hot in this movie....but good grief it is lame lame lame.

Did I tell you it was Lame?


I think you did mention it was lame. I'm curious what you are implying about how Sigourney Weaver normally looks. Actually, I don't care. Here's your winner.

Jettison This Movie

Yuck! I can still taste this movie.

Hollywood is still at it: putting all the budget into special effects, and nothing into a decent script. I could've written a better script while taking using the restroom.


Now, why did I watch this thing? Well, Sigourney was looking pretttty cheeeeeky in those commercials. And the special effects looked impressive. As for Tim Allen, I never much cared for him; matter of fact, he's not even talented enough for public-access TV.

So, looking at Sigourney and the special effects, I sat down eagerly for this movie. Then boredom went through me like a catheter. And later pity. First self-pity, then pity for the poor actor who played the villain in Die Hard; and here he is playing third string in this noxious bit of cow-fodder.


The only other merit this movie has is as a cure for insomnia.

Boredom, they name is Galaxy Quest.

So many offensive things. "I can still taste this movie"? What the hell? Did you put your tongue on the disc or just the case? "Sigourney was looking pretttty cheeeeeky"? Ugh, why did you make me type all of those extra letters just so you could be a pig?


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