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For me, The Princess Bride is a movie that can be enjoyed on many levels. On the one hand it is a love story, on the other it is a comedy and on a third hand, one that I should probably see a doctor about, it is a fantasy adventure.

Adapted from the William Goldman novel of the same name, The Princess Bride is the story of Buttercup and Westley and True Love. But this love story is surrounded by quests for vengeance, kidnapping conspiracies, magic, giants, pirates, Sicilians...You know what? There is actually too much going on in this movie for me to adequately describe the plot here. If you haven't seen it, go watch it now. I'll wait.


You're back? It was good, right? Okay, moving on.

When it was released in 1987, the Rob Reiner directed film didn't explode out of the box office, but it was successful and well reviewed. Roger Ebert gave it 3.5 stars and wrote that the film was "filled with good-hearted fun, with performances by actors who seem to be smacking their lips and by a certain true innocence that survives all of Reiner's satire." It became a cult classic after its video release, most likely because of its quotability and just how enjoyable it is to watch. I could put this movie on in my house at any time and everyone would stop what they are doing to watch it. But, in a revelation that is in no way shocking to the format of these posts, not everyone is a fan of this film. Let's check some stats.

Amazon.com has 1758 total reviews for The Princess Bride. Of these reviews, 49 are 1-star reviews. As usual, many of these reviews are for defects in the actual Blu-Ray, DVD or download; 22 in this instance. That leaves 27 people that really hated this movie.

Nondescript DVD from Amazon

It reminds me of something Hallmark would put out. Perhaps if one loved historic tales with sword fighting this would be tolerable. I forced myself to watch 3/4 of it but my interest remained the same. I cannot even imagine a child viewing this.


If one did love historic tales with sword fighting, they would find this film more than tolerable because it contains some really great sword fighting scenes. Who provided the sword fighting training on this film? None other than Bob Anderson, Olympic fencer, famous fight choreographer and stunt double for Darth Vader.


Am I the only person that doesn't like this movie? I really don't get why people like this... Its a very cheesy story that's being told to a little boy who is sick by his grandpa. I mean really, the princesses name is "Buttercup". That's the best you can come up with for a name. The entire story is extremely cheesy and dumb. And not Dumb in a funny way, Dumb in a why am I watching this??


Sadly, you are not the only person who doesn't like this movie. Maybe you guys can start a club or something. As far as the name Buttercup, allow me to summarize Wikipedia. This film is based off of a novel by William Goldman. Goldman has described the names Buttercup and Humperdinck as "silly names" since they originated in stories he would tell his daughters.


Having heard for years that this was a great, classic movie, I was very surprised to find it childish and dull. Wesley and Buttercup (who came up with that name?!) are both extremely immature, treating life and love like games to be played at. Despite facing pretty severe circumstances involving dangerous consequences, neither one acts like the adult he or she is, but rather like the silly, sentimental child he or she was. Not in the slightest my idea of a romantic fairy tale!


Again with the name? How come no one ever complains that Snow White or Aurora are stupid names? It's a fairy tale!

Just too Silly. The humor didn't succeed. It's hardly worth seeing.

For me, the movie was a failure. I admit that I laughed a few times. And, after I'd gotten into the plot, I watched until the end. I was thinking that Wesley would turn out to be a changling who was the REAL Prince of this Fairy Tale Land, and that Buttercup (a really unlikely name for this particular heroine) would turn out still to be a Princess—HIS princess, since he was her true love. Mainly, I was hoping for just any kind of enjoyable and uplifting ending that might somehow redeem the movie and make me feel it was worth having watched it. But, overall, I have to agree with the viewers who gave it only 1 star.


This isn't the full review. It's really long so I'm breaking in to address it in sections. First off, I never believed that so many people would have an issue with the name Buttercup. Second, unless I have always seen some weird bootleg director's cut of this movie, the ending of this film couldn't get more enjoyable and uplifting unless it rained kittens and puppies on everyone. Buttercup and Westley are reunited, Humperdinck is thwarted and Inigo Montoya finally gets revenge for the death of his father. Ah, that bit is addressed next.

This was a silly attempt at a Fairy Tale spoof, which at the same time told seriously a mushy story about sentimentalized "True Love." (At least, I guess that was the movie maker's intention.) The love story worked pretty well, but the spoof didn't. The dialogue reminded me of spoofy intellectual dialogue such as in "Pirates of Penzance" by Gilbert and Sullivan, but it wasn't nearly as clever. (I think that some viewers didn't realize that the intention of this movie was to spoof vengeance and violence, thieving and piratry. I realized that humor was intended, but the effect that came across was just—for me—a feeling of repulsion with the worst violence, as in the torture scenes, and I found the vengeful intentions of the likable Spaniard were just irritating. True, unforgiving thoughts obsess a person and play over and over in the mind, but the repetition here came across as pointless.)


I don't pretend to be a film critic and I didn't go to film school, either. That being said, I don't think that the movie intended to use Inigo Montoya's quest for vengeance as a spoof. I believe that was a legitimate thing. Maybe I'm wrong about this. As far as the "worst violence" that is referenced, I don't recall the violence in this movie being anything more than cartoony, even during the duel between Inigo and the six-fingered man, Count Rugen.


I have no idea what this is. This can't be a movie because movies are supposed to be good. The story is assanine and unbelievable. The title makes no sense. What exactly is a princess bride who is named after a buttercup. I was made to watch this movie in school and it was torture. Thank you.


The name again?! Whatever. You may be the first person I have ever heard complain about having to watch a movie in school. Unless...did you have to watch it in film school?

The Princess Bride

Very slow. Not up to the hype. It has some classic lines, but save the 2 hours. Kept waiting for Billy Crystal, but he must have been funnier on the set.


I'm not sure what to make of this review. Did you miss that Billy Crystal was in this movie? He is in there as Miracle Max. Or were you expecting this to be a Billy Crystal movie, like City Slickers 3: The Legend of Buttercups Gold. There were similar reviews for Time Bandits about John Cleese barely being in the movie. You really should read the actual description for the movie and not just pick them based off of the names on the DVD cover.

This Princess Bride is totally stupid!

I rented this movie[The Princess Bride], in June 2012 from Amazon Instant Movies, because a friend recommened it! She said it was a cute endearing movie, and would make me feel good! Well not me! I wanted to stop it, but thought surely it must get better, or my friend would never said you must watch this movie!!!!!
I personally thought this movie was stupid, sense-less and a waste of my time!!!! But I understand everyone has different taste in movies and books, ect... But since Amazom has e-mailed me a couple of times to review this movie I rented. This Is My Opinion Only: "this movie is a waste of time to watch/ rent / buy!!!
It is only my opinion!!!!
When I talked to my friend who recommened it to me, she said how did you like it? I said I hated it!!!! Why would you tell me this is such a wonderful movie? She said she thought it was a cute movie, and it makes you laugh and she liked it so much!!!!! As I said, everyone has different taste. I did not think it was worth the money that was paid to make it, but others may think differently!
If a person is interested in nononsensical fantasy movies as this one is, they might like this one! I thought it was nonsense! SORRY to those who like it or would like it!


This reviewer is absolutely right. Some movies are not for everyone and each person is entitled to their own opinion. I only included it because of the emphatic use of exclamation points when she described the conversation with her friend. I am imagining the cops being called over a discussion between two friends about The Princess Bride.

The Movie That is Not Good

The Princess Bride is twenty years old, and after twenty years it's difficult to see why anyone likes this movie. It is not realistic and most of the things that happen in the story are lies.


The Princess Bride is about two guys who are in a book and they're fighting over a princess named Buttercup. But the problem is that one of them is a pirate and the other one is a giant! I know it's supposed to be fictional...but come on! Even my suspension of disbelief is not that good, and I work with children!

We're getting close now, I can feel it. This is probably one of the greatest 1-star reviews I have read on Amazon. I have to take it one piece at a time again. First off, and be honest here, how much of this movie did you actually watch? A giant and a pirate fighting over a princess is what you think this movie is about? You're probably talking about the fight scene between Westley and Fezzik. Did you stop the movie there? If you did, you missed a lot. Also, the idea that you work with children and weren't able to suspend your disbelief enough to accept a fairy tale where a pirate fights a giant over a princess bothers me.


At one point they all go in a swamp and that is pretty terrific because they have to deal with large rats, who are clearly added in digitally, but still are very thrilling. However, the rest of this movie is silly and doesn't take any issues too seriously, but instead is too fantastical for anybody's business.

I haven't seen any of the re-releases of this movie, so can anyone jump in and let me know if they digitally added more ROUS. The originals were definitely not digital. Once again though, the fairy tale movie is "too fantastical for anybody's business."


This movie would be a lot better if it had Sean Penn in it, working with his wife, and maybe if he were solving crimes instead of swordfighting or some such nonsense. Basically, I don't believe that Sean Penn would be swordfighting, do you?

If only this movie were about Sean Penn and Robin Wright solving crimes! No wait, that would be terrible. And why are you so upset that there is sword fighting in a fairy tale movie? What type of movie were you expecting? Did you accidentally buy this instead of Mystic River?


Mandy Patinkin and Christopher Guest and Billy Crystal are wonderfully delightful in this film, that is otherwise a shamble from start to finish, and my guess is that whoever wrote the movie will probably never get offered another job before or after this movie.

How would the screenwriter be retroactively not offered jobs? Never mind, it's not important. As for future jobs, I've got some bad news for you on that front. William Goldman, who wrote the novel and the screenplay, is still currently writing screenplays and having them produced.


If this bedtime story were read to me, I would want to wake up and find out that it was all a dream and instead that somebody was going to read me the script of "P.S. I Love You"

What? Forget it, I'm done. Here's your winner for meanest review:

Avoid this movie at all costs.

The most annoying collection of bad jokes/puns/gags ever seen on celluloid. The humor is dry, at best, and vaguely vaudvillian. And if Buttercup has perfect breasts, them I'm Rod Steiger. Could someone please let me know who decided to give Andre the Giant a speaking role? The only remotely redeeming scene is the Wesley/Montoya swordplay, and it too is a bit tedious. The fact that this movie was even released is inconceivable.


Any review that insults the actresses breasts and Andre the Giants ability to speak has to be the winner right?

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