The Teen Titans have sure been getting a lot of exposure lately from the successful series of 2003, for the more controversial elements and of course, the new TV series. With the announcement of the possible cast, there has been a lot of discussion on who should have been on the roster, he or she that shouldn't have been on the roster etc.

Personally, I do not mind the cast and it will be interesting to see how they work out (though for the love of god, please don't put Nightwing, Starfire and Oracle in a love triangle). However, there are many of the Titans that should appear in the series, either as cameos, infrequent appearances or even eventually to become main cast members.

As such, here are 10 Titans that should appear in the TV series. If you disagree, please make your own choices in the comments.

10. Ravager


Rose Wilson is the daughter of Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke. The two have always have had a complicated relationship due to their pasts and her two dead brothers.

The fun thing with Rose is that you can include her in the series in many different ways and they can all work. You can have her as a straight up bad guy who is the apprentice of Deathstroke with a psychosis that makes her have brief moments of insanity. You can have her out of costume and have her trying to get closer to her father without falling into his villainous ways. You can have her as a reluctant member of the Titans who struggles with her duty to the Titans and being a villain.

Hell, you can even have her being all three and make it a character arc, that's what makes her a fun character. You can basically choose any variation and it will work. She is the superhero equivalent of jello.


9. The Protector

A very obscure member of the Titans that only ever made a few appearances in the comics and most of those were in Drug PSAs.


The Protector was created owing to the fact that when George Pѐrez and Marv Wolfman were writing the The New Teen Titans Drug Abuse Awareness issue in 1983, cookie right issues between Nabisco & Keebler meant that Robin had to be taken out of the story. But Robin had already been drawn for the issue and they simply blanked out Robin and replaced him with the Protector.

As such, The Protector should be an alter ego that Nightwing could use when he is undercover or if the police wrongly go after Nightwing and he has to change identities for a bit or even just as Halloween costume he can wear for an episode.

8. The Atom


Those who only know of the Atom from his appearance in the Arrow series, the Atom has had a long history of interesting and strange stories. One of those was when he was turned into a teenager and started his own team of Teen Titans.

Although that may sound strange (and it is), the run is actually very well written and I recommend it to those who want to learn more about the Titans.

It would be cute if they ever did an Atom/Teen Titans crossover, they made a little reference to the run or even actually turn him into a teenager and then have to figure out how to turn him back.


7. Cyborg

Cyborg is probably one of the most well-known members of the Teen Titans, mostly thanks to his 2003 series persona. As the name suggests, he was given cybernetics after an accident at S.T.A.R. Labs that resulted in him getting mutilated by an inter-dimensional monster.


Sadly, we'll probably never see Cyborg in the series due to Warner Bros wanting to use the character in the films and him now being more affiliated with the Justice League since the 2011 reboot. However, that doesn't mean Victor Stone can't appear in the series at all.

You see, Cyborg is not Victor's only alter ego, the other main one is Cyberion. He gave himself this name after being repaired and effectively rebuilt by a race of super computers named Technis. He was less human, more powerful and his eyes occasionally seem to spew out Kirby crackle.

This is the version they could use, you wouldn't even have to name him as Victor Stone or Cyborg in the show, just imply it.


6 & 5. Wonder Girl (Both Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark)

The Wonder Girls haven't had the best when it comes to appearing in other media.


Donna Troy wasn't allowed to appear in the 2003 Teen Titans due to an embargo by Warner Bros that limited Wonder Woman and her cast in the media. This Embargo also resulted in banning her from appearing in Smallville and Justice League (Wonder Woman was also initially banned from the DCAU but was eventually allowed for Justice League).

Cassie has had a better time of it but still not great. Like Donna, she was also banned due to the embargo, with only a reference to her being made in the Justice League episode Paradise Lost. She finally was allowed to appear in the last season of Young Justice (Donna was also supposed to appear in the episode Satisfaction, but was ultimately cut).

Personally, if they were to use one of the Wonder Girls, I would like to see Cassie Sandsmark because I've always found her to be a bad-ass and just generally liked the character. I wouldn't be upset if they used Donna though I would prefer her to be in the Troia alter ego.


4. The Joker's Daughter

Duela Dent (daughter of Harvey Dent or an alternative Universe Joker) is a very interesting character. Though she started out wanting to be called the Joker's Daughter, she has gone through many different alter egos such as Catgirl, The Penguin's Daughter, Scarecrone, Riddler's Daughter, Harlequin and Card Queen.


In the Silver Age, though she was never fully trusted by the rest of the Titans, she was always reliable and ready to do good, even if her ways were a touch insane. In modern age (and especially after the reboot), Duela became far more villainous and was willing to torture the Titans.

In my opinion, her Silver Age persona was always the better one as her personality always reminded me of a more hyper 2nd Doctor. She would make a great addition to the team, even if she was only to appear in one episode.

3. Argent


Argent was one of the new members who joined Atom's Teen Titans and later Dick Grayson's Titans. Her main power is the ability to manipulate plasma, using it to create shields, beams and many other forms. She gained these powers when she became 16 and it was discovered that she was a sleeper agent for an alien race called the H'San Natall.

In her appearance in the 2003 TV series and the Teen Titans Go comic series (though oddly, she has not appeared in the Teen Titans Go TV Series as of yet) depicted her much differently, changing her nationality from American to New Zealander, giving her a much more gothic look and making her really into fashion.

If they would ever to use her in the new TV series, I think it would be a good idea to merge the two versions of her together. She would definitely make a unique addition to the team.


Also trivia note, Argent actually has a Yu-Gi-Oh trading card based on her.

2. Terra


Terra debuted in 1982, In the Judas Contract arc and has the ability of Geokinesis, the ability to manipulate the earth. She is also well-known for being a traitor that betrayed the Titans to Deathstroke and the H.I.V.E., happily manipulating their emotions and intentionally causing disagreements all the while. The original Terra ultimately met her fate after getting crushed under the H.I.V.Es collapsing base by her own powers during a fit of rage.

Of course, those who watched the 2003 series saw a different version of Terra who was shown to be more sympathetic and caring then her comic counterpart, though the Teen Titans Go brought back her more sadistic attributes.

There are also many others who have taken the title of Terra. Terra 2, a genetic doppelganger of the first one from the future first appeared in 1992 and was far more heroic but foolhardy then the original. Then there was the third Terra who was the long sidekick and friend to Power Girl and the New 52 Terra who like two and three, is more heroic then the original.


It would be interesting if Terra was to be ever used in the series, how they would use her and what type of personality they would give her.

1. Beast Boy


Though originally a member of the Doom Patrol and was banned from joining the Titans due to not having his parent's permission (Robin was both kind of a bad leader and an idiot back in the 60s). He eventually joined Titans West in 1977 and finally joined the new Teen Titans in 1980 where he became both a regular of the team and one of the team's most beloved members.

Sometimes going under the name of Changeling, he has the power to change into any animal he wants to be such as a cat, an eagle, a shark or an aardvark. He has often played the comic relief of the team in both the comics and the animated series. Hard for him sometimes as he has suffered a lot of loss and hardship in his tenure.

The problem with trying to bring Beast Boy into live-action is the budget constraints of having to paint a character fully and doing the transformation sequences (one of the many reasons why animation is superior to live-action and why I have high hopes for the Vixen series). As such, I can't see him ever being a regular on the show unless their budget goes through the roof and instead, just being regulated to a few appearances.


Honorary Mention. Titans Tower

Though Titans Tower was not the first base of Titans, but it is the most well-known of all, appearing in both the 2003 series and Teen Titans Go. It is very unique for a base and it would be swell to see it in the news series, even if it was just a hologram like in the early 00s Titans comic.


Question: Could Titans Tower actually exist in real-life or would it be too unstable.