Yep the show got cancelled only a couple of months before it turned 10 years old.

There’ll be a most substantial post about the show on that 20th anniversary of Children of the Gods but today let’s just look at what happened to the characters after they left the show.


Carter after several years eventually ended up in The Quad region of space where she performed mind-control experiments on soldiers until her own mind was wiped by members of the Reclamation Apprehension Coalition.



Unknown to those around him, Daniel’s repeated exposure to both the Sarcophagus and the Ancient Healing Device eventually drove him into the South American criminal underworld. After many years in prison he went to Canada for revenge before being taken down by a crack police team led by Burke (who had since left the CIA).



Big T eventually also got involved in criminal activities, joining Bane’s militia before it took over Gotham city. In the end even Tretonin couldn’t beat team Batman.



Ummm.... Nobody Knows.

Vala Mal Doran

Vala ended up on a mysterious new planet, becoming a “Witch of the Wilds”, calling herself Morrigan, and still being a complete cynical badass. Also she has magic now.


Cameron Mitchell

Mitchell accidentally fell through time once more, this time ending up in the Frontier West. Eventually becoming the Sheriff of a town called Mercy, his life was cut short when a ponce in a bowtie and his two “companions” show up.



O’Neill bought a boat and got fat, enjoying a jolly old life saving marine animals. He also tried to reconnect with his illicit child MacGruber


If you haven’t gotten the point by now basically I want people to comment on where they’ve seen the main cast since the end of the show.

If anyone is wondering why a certain jovial General is missing from the list it’s because Don S Davis sadly died a few months after the end of shooting of Stargate Continuum in 2008.