Today marks the release of Pokkén Tournament, the mix up of Tekken and Pokémon that looks really cool, but seems to have one big problem, a lack of playable Pokémon.

Currently, there are only 16 playable Pokémon, two of which are variants of existing Pokémon. This seems like a very small roster and quite odd given the sheer number of Pokémon available.

As such, here is my list for the 11 Pokémon that should be in Pokkén Tournament, either as DLC or free updates.

11. Blastoise


Out of all the original starters, Charizard is the most famous and the most deserving to be on the roster. However, let us not forget about Blastoise either as he was really the underdog of the original three. There basically a giant bipedal turtle tank which both sounds cool and looks cool.

I could see Blastoise being a slower but more brutal character, focusing on powerful projectiles and defense, but slow and has weak melee attacks (which given its tiny hands, it would be appropriate).

Other than that, I just think it would be nice to see all the original starters become playable eventually (I have no strong feelings for Venusaur so they aren’t on the list).


10. Pidgeot

One thing the current line-up lacks are any proper flyers and given that Pidgeot was the original and classic flyer, it would make sense for them to be the chosen candidate to represent them.


Flight would be an interesting advantage as it could help getting in a lot of headshots and wind based attacks into the combat, but would also mean you would be a sitting duck for any projectile attacks thrown at you and you would have to make it that Pidgeot couldn’t just stay in the air for the entire fight.

Plus, on land it would be slower and weaker due to being a bird and having hollow bones.

9 & 8. Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan


The omission of these two just confuses me:

  • They are both named after famous martial artists.
  • They are actually fighting types.
  • They look cool

It just seems like the pair would have been obvious choices for Pokkén but I guess not. But should yhey appear eventually? Yes.


Hitmonchan of course would focus on punching, leaving the lower half of his body weaker and more vulnerable. Hitmonlee on the other hand would be the opposite, weaker on the top but powerful and deadly legs.

7. Mr. Mime


An odd choice and not one of the most famous Pokémon out there, but hear me out.

Mr. Mime is the sneaky character in the roster, able to use your opponent’s attacks against them thanks to their trademark attack mimic. So you use fire punch, it will use fire punch right back, if you use razor leaf, they will throw leaves at you right back.

Of course mimic isn’t its only attack, it also has a number of defensive guard moves and the ability to attack swap. It would make an interesting playable character and a twist on the charade character types.


6. Jolteon or Sylveon

Like with the Hitmon Pokémon, I’m surprised that Eevee or any of its evolution are not playable in the game given how popular they are. You’d think it would have been one of the most obvious choices along with Pikachu and Charizard.


But then of course that leads to the question of which Eevevolution to pick?

I decided to choose Jolteon and Sylveon for a few reasons. In Jolteons case, I chose him because they are considered the best from a statistic level and are incredibly popular in tournaments and contests. I also chose Sylveon because they are the most recent addition, has a unique set of attacks and has a unique design that looks more distinct against the characters already in the game.

5. Bellossom


Okay I’ll admit, part of the reason Bellossom is oe the list is because they are my favourite Pokémon. It’s adorable, it dances, it’s a grass type and I have a very interesting story about how they became my favourite.

That being said, I do feel Bellossom would make a good choice. Dancing and rhythm based fighters are common in fighting games like Eddy in the Tekken series so they have that going for them.

Plus, it could also use plenty of stat based attacks to weaken its opponents like sweet scent. The drawback would be leaving itself open to attacks which will help avoid making fights with them not one sided.


4. Scizor

Bug-type are absent in the game in both playable and support roles which is odd given how many there are. As such, given that Scizor is one of the most liked, coolest looking and popular bug Pokémon in tournaments, they would be the most appropriate choice.


It has speed and attack prowess on its side, but is not very good when it comes to defending itself from special attacks. It has boosters like sword dance and attacks like X-Scissor on its side and it can always leer at the enemy if that fails.

They would just make a good choice and it would be nice to see all the Pokémon types getting some love.

3. Blissey


Blissey is the white mage and like every RPG player knows, you never mess with the white mage.

You may be wondering why I chose Blissey over Chansey, the more well-known and popular member of the evolution line. The reason is because I feel Blissey has more options and just overall would be the better choice.

Blissey would be able to heal itself and have tons of stat boosters and wards on its side while also having attacks like pound to fight the opponent.


Of course the drawback would be that its attacks would weaker than most character to make it fair for the opponents and It also wouldn’t be as fast, so it would have a hard time getting away.

2. Mawile


Another odd choice but again, hear me out.

For those who don’t know, Mawile is based off the Futakuchi-onna, a two mouthed woman from Japanese folklore. My idea with Mawile is that they could attack from the front and back without ever having to turn to face its opponent.

It’s more human side can fight with pretty normal attacks while the side with the monster mouth can be more vicious and focus on more biting and brutal attacks.


To make it fair on the opponent, the monstrous side can’t defend itself so it is easier to beat if you get passed being bitten.

1. Greninja


This another one that surprises me isn’t in the game. Given that it is the most popular Gen 6 starter and is a popular character in that Super Smash Bros game series, it would have only made sense to include it here.

Like the name suggests, Greninja would play in a very stealthy and ninja like way. Focusing on quick attacks, stat based weaknesses and the element of surprise to win.

This would mean it would be weaker and have a weaker defense, but would also mean that the opposing opponent would have a tough time being able to attack in the first place.