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12 Monkeys Is Back with Fate and Inevitability

The final season of 12 Monkeys kicked off this week with three episodes where the characters must deal with the events and revelations from last season. And we have to discuss Jennifer Goines, International Woman of Mystery.


I’m not going to try to cover everything that happened so I’ll just hit some highlights that stayed with me.

12 Monkeys started off with Jones and Cole trying to change the timeline. As with all time travel shows, the question of if and how much history can be changed is an important issue. A theme running through this week’s episodes is of fate and inevitability.

The facility was fated to splinter to 2043 so that Jones could tell her younger version how to solve the tether problem. Taking the item from the power core also explained the power issues the core had in 2043. Cassie and young Olivia (and Witness Olivia) were fated to meet in 1971 since it was part of Witness Olivia’s past. And a bunch of Primaries in the Middle Ages knew Cole would get his hands on the ouroboros device.

So is everything Cole, Cassie and the rest do fated to happen or can they break out of the loop? Or is what they think is breaking free of fate also something fated to happen? Maybe we’ll find out by the end.


But on to the really important part of this block of episodes - Action Hero Jennifer Goines. She at least is when she is supposed to be in the timeline but is now sporting purple hair and a nose ring. When she goes action hero through the museum complete with acrobatic flips I was wondering what the hell the writers had done to Jennifer. I was relieved when the surveillance cameras showed it was the same old goofy Jennifer imagining herself as Action Goines. Jennifer got Cole and the device together but I’m sure her role in things isn’t over yet.

Assorted Thoughts:

  • We get more confirmation in case we needed it that Olivia really has been the one sending messages into the past including to her younger self so that things happen the way they’re fated to. She is as stuck, if not more so, in a loop of fate and inevitability as James Cole. While Cole, Cassie, and the rest know her name is Olivia Kirschner, it’s not clear if they’ve realized that she was the girl in Dr. Kirschner’s lab back in 1961.
  • Cassandra Railly still needs to get back to her original timeline to leave the message (and the watch) that sets things in motion. And also so that she sends that message to herself from 2018 that Cassie sees in the video playing in Cole’s room while sneaking around the facility in 2043.
  • Mad scientist Jones is dying. Since this is the final season she might actually die.
  • Future Cole is still running around and popping up as needed.
  • Fucking Deacon. Get over her already.
  • Who is Olivia’s child?
  • Who is Cole’s mother?

Images via screencap and the Syfy site.

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