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12 Monkeys Nitpick of the Week

The series premiere of 12 Monkeys was a bit slow at times but it had its moments. There was one thing, though, that shat me right out of the timeline. Spoilers ahead for non-time travelers.


Attention wardrobe person on 12 Monkeys: in the future (or past) when you find it necessary to prevent your actress's skirt from flying up while she's being hastily hauled from the site of an imminent temporal explosion by her would-be boyfriend with Shrike-like time traveling super-speed—a perfectly reasonable proposition in all respects—use some double-sided tape or something instead of just having her hold it down. The audience might find it difficult to accept a real person would have the presence of mind to conceal her posterior in that situation.

Closely-related bonus nitpick: while I'm on the topic of Shrike-like time traveling super-speed, picking Dr. Railly up this way would be roughly equivalent to hitting her with a car going 150 MPH.

This has been your 12 Monkeys Nitpick of the Week.

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