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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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12 Monkeys Season 3 - Spoilerrific Megathread

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TIMELINE 3: So the whole freaking third season of this wonderfully WTF show aired during the last weekend. Why don’t we discuss it in four posts during the week on this post as I watch? Enter here expecting complete spoilers of the first three whole season as I watched it. Comment with all the spoilery things that you want.


I want to discuss this show on three blocks: 1-3, 4-6, 7-8 & 9-10. I think we have enough WTF going on to discuss on each thread. But if you prefer less threads, let me know! I will be updating updated this thread as I watched it and I will re-post it so we can discuss it every few days. There is a LOT to discuss, and even if there were hints that maybe several posts were necessary, maybe a BIIIIG thread is best. We will see if it’s not too much should just embrace the chaos.

I watched in chunks because I can’t for the life of me watch the whole show in one sitting on this occasion. So here are my reactions as I watch the first SEVEN episodes whole freaking season. I will be updating this thing several times. Also, feel free to post links to your recaps and I will update the post accordingly.

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Mini-reactions to episode 1: Mother

  • This is making me feel like I missed a whole episode! That reel at the beginning felt like a recap of the show of things I don’t remember having watched!
  • So the Court of Owls got some cool traveling city.
  • Two assholes, 1 time machine.
  • If you know you are carrying the bringer of doom why not just kill yourself?
  • OK that’s why!
  • Everyone’s get a time machine. Now burn, you paradox!
  • So why does she remember the timeline reset? Is it because she’s a time traveler?
  • All that set up!
  • Make a fucking plan for once, Cole!

Mini-reactions to episode 2: Guardians

  • Meanwhile in Looney Toons Land!
  • I want to be a prophet, but more than that, I want to scribble comic-book art illustrations as fast as Lady Bradpitt does!
  • Speaking of Pitt... What’s in the box!
  • ALIEN and E.T. theater extravaganza!
  • Lady Science! Welcome be you.
  • Yes, haired, less-muscular Bruce Willis. Don’t be mean to Ms. Bradpitt!
  • What’s in the box! It’s my kid in a box!
Illustration for article titled 12 Monkeys Season 3 - Spoilerrific Megathread
  • Damn, Amanda has it tough.
  • Again, cool timeline reset trick. Why does every protagonist remembers? I think they explained this but I’m misremembering.
  • Daaamn Ramsey, when you get a break, is to break a family member’s windpipe.

Minireactions for Episode 3: Enemy

  • Hey little birdies.
  • Nobody really dies on this show!
  • It was just a few scratches in your intestins. NBD.
  • Evil Lady keeps winking at Cole really fucking subtly.
  • Of course, Memory Spirits (Polterguyz) are here.
  • Baby the100 McScienceLady does not like torture. She’s hanging out with the wrong crowd. Just don’t go with the Sky Crowd, they are a bit worse and psychologically inconsistent.
  • What’s in the box? It’s EvilLady in box!
  • The splintered lady probably ate Splinter on that closet.
  • Here’s a cute dance to offer my condolences.
  • I also want to give Ramsay a hug. Daaamn he gets it rough on this show.
  • Crazy training montage!
  • Listen to the Crazy Lady, please! She’s the only one who makes sense.
  • Aaaand expected but good cliffhanger! Damn it.

Episode 4: Brothers

  • Crazy Ladybradpitt is crazy! She is always on the way. I mean she has proved time and again that she has insights that we should listen to, but this time I’m sure she is not doing anything useful!
  • Unbreakable, they live damn it! The females are strong as hell.
  • Cuadruple agent! Whiplash for everyone!
  • As always Ramsay is correct, and as always he goes about it the wrong way.
  • I wonder who is going to die. There is like NOOO foreshadowing what.so.ever!
  • Woops, wrong white lady! NBD.
  • Meanwhile back in the post post post post apocalyptic future.... damn she good with the knives now!
  • “Why couldn’t you just trust me for once!?!” says to his friend as he kills him while being in denial about what everyone knew but him.
  • Oh, family reunion. Confirming suspicions. But bye Ramsay anyway. NBD!

Episode 5: Causality

  • Yay Jennifer centric episode it seems.
  • Always fun when actors imitate other actor’s characters! Silly fun
  • No shit!
  • Melissa Von Jennifer.
  • Cant they just buy a camera and take a picture?
  • Oceans 12 monkeys.
  • That whatch thing is soooo not an important part of the story later on right?
  • The painting! Where’s the painting? Timejump shennanigans?
  • NOPE
  • Photocopier. Finally using the current tech.
  • Little miss Paradox.
  • Loopity loop.
  • With Jen I guess we were lucky if it was just a hand what got xeroxed.
  • Comedy on this episode was fantastic.

Episode 6: Nature

  • Well hello there, detective!
  • Love the Doctor’s insults.
  • Are we losing the lab on a turtle paradox explosion? Talk about turtle power!
  • We do get one explosion.
  • Hi, you adorable little serial killer!
  • You know the trope. In storytelling is a norm, that a manifestation of time and space will appear to a primary in the form of a Dream Time Ghost!
  • That is some veeery precise use of chalk on a floor!
  • Are you my mommy?!
  • At least we get a nice jacket out of this.

Episode 7: Nurture

  • We can all use some Bach in all our evil elucubration while we plan to kill a child. Especially in the apocalypse.
  • “I am a natural actor, but I’ve never acted naturally in my life!” - I need all the gifis from Jennifer
  • More loops in the making I see. Grandmas always helping.
  • Everyone Timetravels on this episode for what I can see.
  • At least the secret is out. Now let’s see what more WTF comes with it.
  • Convenient timetravel vest location is convenient.
  • Well the WTF didn’t take long to come!
  • Take their vests, damn it! OK THANK YOU!
  • You go! 100 girl. That’s a lot of blood...
  • Nice kick! Time lady who ends up being a head mistress then brought down by Matilda.
  • AND now that Katerina knows, couldn’t she just kill either Cole or the Dr before they met and end it all?

Episode 8: Masks

  • Now on a very clean Victorian London...
  • Teenage witness.
  • That is very precise work for someone with only one useful hand. This is a crazy person that has so much better handwriting than mine.
  • I love the crazy cage lady banter.
  • I was right! Turtle power indeed.
  • Ok not completely right.
  • Now that everyone is here the party can start!
  • Jennifer and Katy Perry. Always delivering the madness.
  • A bit predictable this time around.

Episode 9: Thief

  • We seem to be in a Witness centric episode!
  • This show seems to have slowly transitioned to comedy over the season. At least it’s not like Fox that will eventually transition to porn.
  • It’s nice that time travelers never need to go to the bathroom. Because how would that work on that octagonal cage? There’s just no space!
  • The power of love will doom us all.
  • Aaaand the vision is explained. Will he go all Freeze on us?
  • Yeah 600+ time of watching someone you love die will do it.
  • This show is a gigantic bootstrap paradox with a scout leader level of knot, isn’t it?
  • Now what’s miss Jen up to?

Episode 10: Witness

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  • Time for the final WTFs!
  • Fun times for the whole family in all the wars.
  • Don’t tell him the date, damn it!
  • Don’t leave before she is in the cell, damn it!
  • Listen to your son, damn it!
  • I’m saying “damn it” too much during this episode, damn it!
  • Woops, what happened to the suit?
  • Tripple cross!
  • Previously on 12 monkeys...
  • Thanks son. We did this for you! *leave their son to die.
  • Good ending!.... weird ending! Does this means we’re getting to a futurama type of story about the origin of Cole?!
  • This season also seems to have ended without explaining or getting to that first Cole on Cole action. Or did I forget something? I think we’re gonna get there next season.

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