Some people are still working through the newest season of 12 Monkeys but for those of us who have made it through, let’s discuss the stuff that happened. It wasn’t all a Jennifer Goines musical number. Things got pretty dark. Spoilers for the whole season (unless the timeline is changed).

So much happened this season that I’m not going to try to recap it. I’ll just hit my two top highlights and some notes.

First off, Emily Hampshire knocked it out of the park playing Jennifer Goines. The character has gone from being the deliverer of cryptic information and convenient contact in the mid 2010s to a full fledged member of the 2040s crew. They wouldn’t have a copy of the Word of the Witness if Jennifer had not conceived, planned, and carried out her version of a Mission Impossible caper. Spending five years about a century before her normal timeline (including some time in a POW camp) took a little edge off the crazy, though she is still listening to a different drummer. And things would have turned out differently if people had listened to her warnings.


Seriously, I assumed “stop talking like a supervillain” was a throwaway line but it was a hint from the writers. I did not see Olivia’s long game coming. (The character didn’t even have a name the first few times she appeared and was simply listed on IMDB as the Striking Woman.) The writers even played on us expecting the “villain gets caught on purpose” trope with Ramse’s mission to kill Cassie in the past. But her real goal was to get to the time machine and then to Titan. And then there was the final revelation that she is actually the shadowy masked figure who has been dogging the 2040s crew and not Cassie & Cole’s son. Watching the Striking Woman’s story unfold with a different perspective is one reason why I’ll rewatch the whole series after it’s done.

Assorted thoughts and things to look for in the last season:


  • I liked those futuristic yet steampunkish time travel chestpieces.
  • Another thing I liked was that while characters make decisions I don’t agree with I understand why they made them. In other words it doesn’t feel like they are being struck with plot hammers. For example Ramse was never really fond of Cassie and blamed her for what happened to his son so going on a mission to kill her made sense.
  • I either had forgotten or didn’t realize how much more we know than the characters. There’s no way the 2040s crew could know Olivia was the little girl from 1961 until she tells them. And only Cassie (and Olivia) would know who the Witness’ parents are at first.
  • I would like to see Jennifer’s full French stage versions of Alien. Emily Hampshire grew up in Montreal so I’m guessing that’s where she picked up French. Can an actual French speaker place her accent? Proper school-learned French, Canadian French, or, well, French French?
  • Every few episodes Jones reminds us she is a mad scientist (in more than one sense of mad).
  • Don’t forget that sometime in 2047 the facility will be destroyed.
  • Who is James Cole’s mother? I would like to rule out Cassie because of the Oedipus thing but that would also fit the ouroboros theme. Otherwise all of the women, including Hannah, are fair game.
  • Speaking of Cassandra Railly, she still needs to get back to her original life so she can leave the message from the CDC that sets everything in motion in the first place.


I’m sure I missed someone’s favorite part. Feel free to comment below.

All images via the Syfy site.