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12 Monkeys Series Finale Open Thread

I didn’t see one and figured there are a lot of people who watched this tonight (or will be watching it over the weekend). Spoilers (obviously)!


I’ll just say that I loved it. I don’t have much energy to write currently, so I’ll leave it at this: It was a show for which I never had expectations, and every season when the show came back on the air, I was well beyond pleasantly surprised and into the dangerous “blowing of the mind” territory. Each season got better than the last. It was not just structurally tightly written, but the dialogue for the show was brilliantly written. Far too often, that’s not the case with science fiction shows, especially when time travel is involved; when the characters traveled centuries into the past, the spoken language of the dialogue was carefully crafted so that it was not only not anachronistic, but it sounded genuine, handled with a level of verisimilitude to the dialects and cadences one would expect to hear from people living centuries ago.

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed it, and I hope the creators and writers are on to a new project soon that will be similarly excellent due to their laudable talents. (And, yes, we got that unicorn!)

Please share anything: thoughts, memories, favorites, questions, etc. It’s an open/reaction thread, and though I might not be able to respond due to my health, I imagine that there are lots of people who would love to discuss it!

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