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13 Songs for Friday the 13th

Not in the mood for a scary movie this Friday the 13th? Then why not try listening to one or more of these thirteen songs I’ve arraigned for your spooky pleasure.

“Bela Lugosi’s Dead” - Bauhaus

We start with a classic, the song that kick-started the goth rock genre. You can’t go wrong with “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” after all.


“Psycho Killer” - Talking Heads

And now a left turn for some human horror courtesy of the new wave band Talking Heads. Qu’est-ce que c’est?

“Bloodletting” - Concrete Blonde

Perhaps you’re more in the mood for some vampires. Don’t worry, I’ve got a song for you. After all, there’s a crack in the mirror and a bloodstain on the bed...


“The Killing Moon” - Echo and the Bunnymen

What a spooky song, right? Fun fact: the chords were based on David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” played backwards.


“Satin in a Coffin” - Modest Mouse

Are you dead or are you sleeping? That’s the question Modest Mouse wants to know.


“Tear You Apart” - She Wants Revenge

Now here’s a weird creepy song. With a music video directed by Joaquin Phoenix.

“I’m Deranged” - David Bowie

Where would we be without David Bowie? This song is from the soundtrack to Lost Highway, a horror noir by David Lynch.


“Ballad of Hollis Brown” - David Lynch

Speaking of David Lynch, why not listen to a cover he did of a murder ballad?

“Howl” - Florence and the Machine

We’ve already had a vampire song, so why not a werewolf one? Plus, Florence Welch just fucking kills it with this song.


“Push It” - Garbage

I’ll admit: I included this more for the music video than for the actual song. But still, what a weird and deranged music video. That someone involves creepy masked nuns, zombie children, and a husband with a light bulb for a head.


“Black Hole Sun” - Soundgarden

This one is a combination between the song and the music video. C’mon, you know those smiling people freak you the fuck out.


“Burn the Witch” - Radiohead

This song is the newest song on this lists, as it was just released last week. Still, it is one of Radiohead’s creepiest songs and music videos, including a stop motion wicker man. Let’s hope there wasn’t a tiny stop motion Nicolas Cage in there.


“Dark Entries” - Bauhaus

And now we return to Bauhaus for our final song, a nice little ditty about how the modern world is decadent, desolate, and decrepit.


Happy Friday the 13th everybody!

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