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Galactic shutdown: View from the Dark Side

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I'm a U.S. citizen. I've had the fortune to live in four different congressional districts so far in my life, but for the last dozen I've mostly lived in a district represented by a member of the Tea Party Caucus.

Last night, my Representative was one of the 144 Representatives who voted against restarting the U.S. federal government and avoiding defaulting on its bills. This didn't surprise me, because he was one of the 80 Representatives who, earlier this year, stated that they would do everything in their power to not fund the Affordable Care Act.

My Representative has held his job for the better part of a decade; he votes the way he does because he is supported by voters who honestly think that the only thing the government should do is go away. When I wonder what new things the far right of my country believes, I only have to go visit my congressman's facebook page and see what his constituents say. So what did they say last night, when he announced that he would vote against ending the shutdown?

The random inability to spell:

  • Stand Strong, Congressman. Do not waver.
  • balance the budget and rain in the reckless spending....

The appeals to Christianity:

  • The real solution to the problems in America is we have forgotten the One who owns this country, the One who owns everything. 2 Chronicles 7:14
  • I pray that God would give you the guidance and courage to stand for what is right and win America back for The People.
  • pray and put God back as the head CEO in everything schools, civil courts, before every event. I do realize that some do not want God in Government but!!!! We have been trying to do this ourselves and look what a mess.

The random insults thrown at Obama:

  • Make them run back to the crying kid and tell him to resign.
  • Congress and NOBAMA are taking this Country into the TOILET.
  • Im tired of all the men in Washington that will not stand against the idiot in the Whitehouse. Obutmacare needs to be taken out and not forced on America. IT IS EVIL!!!!

The people who really think Obama is a Communist and/or Muslim:

  • Don't give into that ruthless dictator muslim. He is the biggest enemy our country has ever had.
  • We now have a welfare state with Communists and Muslims in this Administration. I am, for the first year of my life, ashamed not of our country but those in charge!
  • you are a nut to believe a democommie can ever replace a American who doesn't bow down to your communist traitor in Americans White House! You people are so stoopid to believe the traitor's will help you, ever, be anything other then a pos!

The people who think Republicans are Communists:

  • Time to defund the GOP till ALL ideas Marxist Progressivism is removed!

The people who don't get that Congress isn't exempt from 'Obamacare':

  • But we still have to suffer Obamacare while congress isnt worried because they are exempt from it
  • The House offered numerous solutions to include funding Obamascare, but the Senate and the President didn't want to partake in his "Centerpiece legislation".

The people who don't know what Socialized Medicine is:

  • Likewise it does not prevent the initial imposition of Socialized Medicine on the Citizens of the nation
  • And Obamacare? Do not accept socialized medicine.

The people who make vague threats:

  • Well, the American people are going to just have to take this into our own hands.
  • Americans are pissed. We feel violated by all sides. The truth is this country is on the brink of a revolution against the government. ... If shutting everything down and going broke fixes things, great, let's tear it down and build it up again. ... But what we're fed up with is having Uncle Sam piss down our backs and then tell us it's raining. I'd like you to remind your fellow Congressmen that the American Revolution was ignited and fought over much, much less. I hope and pray for peace, but will always stand for liberty and freedom from tyranny no matter the cost. Unlike many in Congress, most Americans still value integrity and would choose death before dishonor.
  • because the Democrats and establishment Republicans voted to continue financially ruin this nation, they will be learning through the school of hard knock, what happens when you really do run out of other people's money. Having a paycheck delayed for two weeks will be nothing compared to the misery they will experience when it does happen, often in a surprisingly short time.

The people who hate the poor:

  • I know there are some idiots out there who think you are wrong but they are the ones standing in line for freebees. Love their welfare and food stamps. Obama bottom crawlers.
  • the damage Obamacare is causing is just beginning, but there are too many still thinking that this is some kind of freebie giveaway...

The people who think that U.S. debt is primarily owed to foreign countries:

  • You think things are bad now just wait for China and Russia to call in their markers for all the money we owe them because of the 17 trillion we borrowed.

The people who get their news from Alex Jones:

  • Time is spent to give weapons to terrorists and no budget? I do not trust these in office.

The people who thought that Democrats caused the shutdown:

  • There should be NO compromise if it means Obamacare stays. THEY are the ones who "shutdown" the government (at least the 17% of the government that was actually shutdown).
  • This government shutdown was orchestrated by the Senate Majority leader himself.

The people who actively vote against their own income:

  • My husband was one of those furloughed, but still reporting to work. It was tough, but we continue to support you in your efforts.

The people who don't get how a government default would work:

  • Vote no! No raise in debt ceiling! Its illegal and unconstituional to default! It wont happen. Our obligations are less than 10% our monthly income! Vote no!
  • Believing the government would default simply proves their ignorance of the financial system.

The people who are in favor of mob rule:

  • Why doesn't congress let the American people take over their budgets and see how well it goes.

The people who are not in favor of mob rule:

  • That is sad, but that is also why our founding fathers didn't trust the average citizen to be educated.

The people who want to impeach Obama:

  • As long as Obama In the White House,there is No good times. Impeach him.
  • Impeach Obama

The people who might be racist:

  • There has to be a give and take in order to get this monkey off of our back. Pun intended.
  • we are so sick of the Democrats and al their heavy-handed ways of perpetuating a government that makes slaves of people with handouts

The people who like lost causes:

  • I am proud to have supported a lost cause. It's called core values. Like those at the Alamo, death is preferable to dishonor.

The people who use the noun 'retard' as an insult:

  • No more blame to be placed, the Libtards own 100% of the economy now, period, slam dunk. And to all you low information voters 17% is not a government shutdown.

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