Probably the most interesting thing about Arkham Origins is a return to the not entirely often seen asymmetric multiplayer mode, with three teams competing for objectives. As was pointed out to me by a few other commentors, it's divided into three discrete chunks: The Jokers and Bane's Gang are playing Gears of War, essentially, but the third team—Batman and Robin—are playing an entirely different game. Batman and Robin can't win a stand up fire fight—they'll get murdered, and instead need to rely on picking off the players opportunistically, aided largely by their mobility and access to areas off limits to the other gangs. Kill enough of them, and both sides are chased off, resulting in a 'win'. They also are a constant thorn in the side of the other two, able to 'de-capture' points. The small team sizes ensure that maintaing objectives and gainign momentum is impossible—you can only ever go 2 defense 1 offense, or 1 offense two defense, which ensures that someone is almost ALWAYS vulnerable (you can obviously go 3 and no point defense, but this means cedeing control points to other teams and Batman at every opportunity).

This kind of gameplay isn't exactly new—asymmetrical team games have been around for a long time (one of the more noteworthy examples, the original Alien vs. Predator is one of the best examples, with three teams with drastically different playstyles pitting against each other), but there are some interesting things happening with the mechanics. It also calls to mind the old Splinter Cell Spies vs. Mercs mode. In fact, I'd argue there's some heavy inspiration there mixed with the kind of crazy acrobatics that can only come from a Batman game.

Will it have legs? Well, I doubt it. Asymmetrical style gameplay is hilariously fun for a while, but long-term competitiveness tends to break down over time in these kind of games as the meta game advances and strategies get learned. Overall though, it seems a worthy addition to the series for fan of MP games. I mean, it's a freaking multiplayer game where you're Batman. What's not to like?