Well, not really, but we need your input.

X84JDH and I will be writing another nonsensical fanfic/essay/diatribe/back of a cereal box thing on Friday and we need your help deciding the subject matter.


We need you to give us the most interesting topics you can think of. They don't have to be terribly involved, just intriguing.

Here are the ground rules for our writing:

1 - Each of us gets only 5 passages to the story. They can be as long or short as we want.

2 - X84JDH gets to go first since I went first last time.

3 - We choose one or a series of subject(s) from the list of submitted topics that the Deckers provide and we must weave that topic throughout the story as lightly or heavily as we want. BUT, we won't tell you all what topic we chose. It should be evident in the writing, but if not, then we will do a big revel thing afterwards.


4 - Anything else, we'll just make up as we go.


Feel free to dump your suggestions in the comments sections.

I trust you all still accept kitteh gifs as payment in advance?