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This post contains spoilers.

So most of this episode was golden. The last third, where Flash and Arrow actually fight? Awesomesauce. But the bit before and the big after, well...


Okay, I understand that it was necessary for Barry to get whammy'd by Rainbow Raider. But he was just so...stupid about it. Like, you know this guy has the power to make people super angry. You have no idea if his powers can affect you, but let's assume they do. Do you a) automatically tie him up and wrap a blindfold around his eyes so he can't look at you, b) wear some sort of colored goggles so that his evil eyes don't infect you, or c) blindly rush in without thinking or any sort of plan to stop him.

Also, the end. The part where Arrow says, "We still have a bad guy to find." And then, after one commercial break, they are locking away the bad guy. Without even a "How did we find him? And how did we avoid his whammy eyes?" I also like how they said, "Oh hey Felicity installed facial recognition software on our computers, so when we hack the cameras everyone, we can find anyone." And they needed facial recognition to find Barry even though he was wearing a mask and didn't they have a tracer on him?

Oh well. At least that fight scene was cool.

(Oh, and I forgot to mention: Barry totally stole the captain's hamburger. That was just rude. Barry can't go out and get his own hamburger?)


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