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So the teaser is out and after watching it I have to say I’m super psyched about TLJ! I’m really digging the vibe from Luke who has come to the realization that the Force might not be the way.

But what will happen to Rey? Who will she become? I’m liking this whole storyline.


I have to say that I did not like TFA. It was too much a rehash of A New Hope, imho. I know people here like Epi. 7 so I don’t want to this to be an attack on anybody else’s likes, but I was disappointed. Despite it all, The Last Jedi has me excited!

I’m there.

Edit: I should have brouth this up originally but I’ll do it now.

1) I don’t want Finn to spend too much time in a coma. Let’s give the man something do.

2) And if (and I say if because there’s too much of a coy response to the question) Poe is a gay man, then let’s go all the way and present him as such. Its fucking time already!

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