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On this week’s episode of Face Off the two contestant effects shops must create alien hives. Which team will work with singular vision and which will be working like a bunch of individuals? Results ahead.

Okay, that was a trick question since neither shop is quite running smooth as silk. But one shop is running much better than the other.


McKenzie Westmore meets the contestants at the lab to introduce this week’s challenge. Each shop must create three insect-inspired aliens - a queen, a worker, and a drone - along with a hatching prop egg. Ethereal Effects chooses Nelson to be foreman and Twisted Six chooses Jill.

Ve Neill is busy this week on whatever movie she’s currently working on so Eryn Krueger Mekash fills in.

Ethereal Effect’s worker (top look) and queen

Ethereal Effects once again produces a more cohesive look with their termite hive aliens. This week we see that Faina is largely responsible because she was put in charge of the color scheme. But all is not smooth sailing for Ethereal Effects as three different team members speak to Suzanne about her fabrication and she’s not thrilled about that. While Nelson was successful as foreman this week his individual work on the queen is subpar. If Ethereal Effects had been the bottom shop he or Suzanne would have been eliminated. Fortunately for them, the judges like the other creatures, particularly the worker. The lass from Belarus, Faina, wins the challenge.

Twisted Six’s drone (bottom look) and queen

Twisted Six Effects has another rough week with their wasp hive aliens. Michael Westmore has a lot to say to team members about their work. He’s unimpressed to say the least. The results don’t look cohesive at all. While Ethereal Effects hid the human eyes of their creatures, Twisted Six left theirs visible which detracted from the insectoid look. The judges like the Twisted Six queen (done by Jill and the ominous looking Nick) better than Ethereal Effects’ (interestingly enough both shops use male models for their queens) but are not as fond of the other designs, particularly the drone. Phil, Al, and foreperson Jill stand judgement for elimination. Since Al did very little of the make-up work this week, he is eliminated. (I think that since Phil showed last week that he has some skill that factored in as well.)


So after two weeks Ethereal Effects still has six members and Twisted Six is down to four. I expect next week someone will be changing teams to balance things out. Any guesses who?

McKenzie Westmore’s looks for the challenge introduction and the reveal stage.

As always, you can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here. Images in this post via screencap, the Syfy website and McKenzie Westmore’s Instagram account.

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