I was browsing /r/television and found an article from Variety about network shows on the bubble that I might might be of interest.

There’s a few here that I know are followed by O-Deck folks. I’ll just go by network and point out the ones I think would be of interest.


Dead: “Blood & Oil,” “Of Kings and Prophets,” “Wicked City,” “Galavant”
Mostly Dead:
“Agent Carter,” “The Catch,” “The Family,” “American Crime”
Staying Alive: “Last Man Standing,” “Nashville,” “The Muppets”
Too Close to Call:
“Dr. Ken,” “The Real O’Neals”

Marvel series “Agent Carter” is highly unlikely to return with star Hayley Atwell signed on to topline another ABC drama pilot.


This isn’t going to come as a surprise for anyone who has been following the show. The writing has been on the wall for a few months. I hope they can work out a deal to bring it to Netflix because I think we have enough evidence to show that is where Marvel tv can thrive. I don’t think it’s worth it without Hayley Atwell.



Dead: “Rush Hour”
Mostly Dead: “Code Black”
Staying Alive: “Criminal Minds,” “The Odd Couple,” “Supergirl”
Too Close to Call:
“Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” “CSI: Cyber,” “Limitless”

CSI:Cyber may be done after a 36% drop in ratings and Ted Danson leaving for an NBC comedy, but the insider says it’s 50/50. There seems to be little buzz for “Limitless” which had a strong start but faded. Supergirl is the one in this group I know most people are interested in and from what the article says there is reason to be hopeful.



Dead: “Minority Report,” “Second Chance,” “Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life”
Mostly Dead: “Grandfathered”
Staying Alive: “Sleepy Hollow”
Too Close to Call:
“The Grinder”


Despite the former having a tie to a older but still well known movie, it looks like both “Minority Report” and “Second Chance” will not survive to see a sophomore year. This isn’t surprising considering both shows had their episodes trimmed and order reshuffled. That’s never a sign of a strong show. What is surprising is that it looks like Sleepy Hollow might be back.

I would be shocked if this insider is right. After the way S3 ended, plus the fact that the ratings were sinking before that and the fact it was put in the Friday death slot, a renewal would be the long bet of the TV off season. That said,I would love to know if Vegas has odds on TV because this show could make you some money if you put a bet on it’s renewal.



Dead: “Undateable,” “The Player,” “Truth Be Told”
Mostly Dead: “Telenovela”
Staying Alive: “Mysteries of Laura”
Too Close to Call: “Crowded”


There’s really not anything related to the sci-fi/fantasy genre but i’m including it to be complete. Shows like “The Blacklist” which has James “Ultron” Spader and The Blindspot have already been renewed.