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2015 Wizard World Con To Feature Exclusive 'Walking Dead' Covers

Today in news of the undead: Robert Kirkman's Image Comics imprint Skybound has teamed up with Wizard World, Inc. to shower the comic lovers of the world with free copies of The Walking Dead comic, complete with exclusive variant covers.

Well, comic lovers of the world may be a bit of an exaggeration — it's more like comic lovers of the world...who also attend a Wizard World con in 2015.


'Bah!' you say, comics connoisseur whose sensibilities I have offended. 'Pish posh! Variant covers are but a dime a dozen, and these are not likely to differ altogether much from any other Amazon offering.'

And you'd be right — except for the fact that the variant covers will be exclusive to each Wizard World con. According to their press release, Wizard World will be announcing a featured artist for each convention who will pen the variant covers for that convention's attendees. VIP attendees will also receive an additional black-and-white sketch from the featured artist.

A similar promotion from Wizard World in 2013 was, according to Wizard World CEO John Macaluso, "one of the most popular promotions ever."


"Skybound is pleased to work with Wizard World and many talented artists to bring this series to thousands of fans," said Kirkman, "Wizard World attendees have been great supporters of The Walking Dead for years, so these books are particularly appropriate for this audience."

Particularly appropriate? Indeed, Mr. Kirkman. Judging from the number of expertly executed zombie cosplays I spotted this year, I would have never had an inkling!


The lineup for the 24 shows scheduled, beginning with Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con, January 9-11 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, can be found on Wizard World's site. The artists for each book will be announced as they are selected.


Given that the 2014 Wizard World schedule boasted artists like Jorge Molina, Greg Horn, Neal Adams and Brett Booth, to name a few, this could be worth the price of admission for TWD fans.

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