Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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2018 Nebula Awards

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The 2018 Nebulas were awarded May 19th. I am a little disappointed that io9 didn’t cover this, but at this point I am not surprised.


Some of my favorites won including Mary Robinette Kowal’s The Calculating Stars for Best Novel. Blackfish City by Sam J Miller may have been a little better, but I am not at all upset becasue Kowal’s book was great. I really liked Gods, Monsters, and the Lucky Peach by Kelly Robson in the novella category but I didn’t read The Tea Master and the Detective so I don’t know if it was better. Brooke Bolander’s The Only Harmless Great Thing was easily the best thing I read last year and if you haven’t read it you should go do that RIGHT NOW! It is only about 100 pages and the ebook only costs $3.99. I even included a link to its Amazon page.

(Dr Emilio Lizardo may receive a commission if you purchase from this link. He almost certainly won’t, but it’s a pretty random universe and you never know!)

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