For those not into Gilmore Girls on Netflix (or have already watched), 3% also dropped on Friday. At first glance it looks like a Brazilian CW show/Hunger Games knock-off with all the pretty 20-ish people running around. But I ended up doing something I rarely do and watched it all in one day.

Minor spoilers ahead. (There may be more explicit ones in the comments, though.)

The premise is familiar. In the future 97% of the population lives under crappy conditions while the elite 3% live in an offshore utopia called… wait for it… the Offshore. When people turn 20 years old they are eligible to be candidates in the Process that selects 3% of them to live in the Offshore. The ones who don’t get selected are returned to the Inland (if you’re not Offshore, you’re Inland) with no second chance at the Process.

The candidate outfits come in the three Starfleet colors - red, blue, and yellow - though the colors appear to be randomly assigned.

The show centers on a handful of candidates - Michele, Fernando, Joana, Rafael, and Marko - and Ezequiel, the man running the current year’s Process. All of them have emotional baggage or a secret (or both for some of them). The Process starts conventionally enough with personal interviews and tests of reasoning ability and teamwork. But things aren’t that simple later on. Of course a set-up like this has plotholes (though a few things that I was wondering about were explained by the last episode).

I watched 3% in Portuguese with subtitles but it’s available dubbed in English (and a couple of other languages) if that’s your preference.


The Bottom Line: I liked 3%. Like I wrote above I rarely binge-watch shows but I watched all eight episodes of 3% in one day. There are some interesting plot twists particularly towards the end and characters don’t always make the choices you expect. But as always everyone’s mileage will vary.

ETA: As Chuck E. points out in the comments, if you’re searching Netflix use “3 percent” instead of “3%” to find the show.