The fall finale of Grimm features the show's take on El Chupacabra, the title creature of the episode, which gets completely overshadowed by the 3 big developments of the storyarcs that have been going on this season. Spoilers after the break.

Here's the "main" story real quick so we can get to the good stuff.

Chupacabra is basically a wesen getting cursed as a werewolf, complete with nighttime transformations, and waking up the next morning (or later that night as it turns out) with no memory of what happend and covered in blood. A coyote-wesen doctor who works in 3rd world countries to help those less fortunate gets bit by a mosquito but instead of malaria or west nile virus, wesen apparently can get sick and then turn into a monster (even among them) at night who kills anything in sight. Nick and Hank get put on the case, find out what happened, and Monroe and Rosalee come up with a cure, but only have enough ingredients for one shot. It turns out that the sickness can spread by fluid exchange, so of course the doctor's wife who he hadn't seen in months also starts turning into a chupacabra, and the doctor grabs the cure and injects her with it, begs Nick and Hank to kill him, and is obliged when he turns and attacks them.


Now let's get on to the real stories.

Story 1: (Sergeant) Wu can't handle the truth!


First, Sgt. Wu goes to talk to Captain Renard about how Nick and Hank seem to have closed a lot of cases that involved a lot of unexplainable things, which Renard explains as "that's why they're detectives". Then after seeing the victims of El Chupacabra, he witnesses it himself, along with regular partner Sgt. Franco, who try to chase it down. He finds the doctor, having changed back, who he assumes was another would-be victime allowing him to escape.

But when he goes to his house and finds the two detectives there, he loses it and says he's going to quit the force because he's no longer of sound mind. This finally forces Nick and Hank to tell him the truth, but he wastes time asking about Trubel instead of the monster he just saw. When said monster returns home and changes into Chupacabra again, Nick and Hank are able to restrain it but Nick has to stop Wu from trying to shoot it. He then tells him what he saw was real and that the creature is sick and needs help. Wu doesn't take that too well, takes off, ends up drinking at a bar, starts recalling everything he's seen, goes a little crazy, gets in a bar fight and ends up in jail. And that's how everyone's favorite sargeant gets to spend winter break.


Story 2: Monroe and Rosalee vs. the cult of racist wesen a-holes.

The happy couple are finally packing to go on their honeymoon, but then Rosalee gets a threatening call, and a more threatening dead fox hanging from the back door of the shop and being told next time it will be her if she doesn't leave Monroe. Nick and Juliet insist they hide out at their house while he and Hank try and figure out what they can. Nick also lets Monroe know that Trubel had figured out a few members of the wesen racism club, but they wanted to make sure they know everyone involved before making a move.


After helping with the Chupacabra, the two are getting ready to leave, and Nick has posted a patrol car outside their house. Feeling bad that he's sitting out there, Rosalee makes him a sandwich and Monroe takes it out to him. And then it turns out the cop is not only a wesen, but one of those racist secret society wesen and Monroe is abducted. So not only do we end with that, but now it's been revealed that there are other wesen in the Portland PD that Nick and possibly Captain Renard are unaware of (and maybe vice versa). So a cliffhanger for Monroe and some potential future stories about other wesen in the police department.

Story 3: unholy crap, Juliette!

I have to say the show did a really great job on making it seem like Juliette might be pregnant from having slept with Nick while looking like (and possibly even partly being) Adalind to restore his Grimm powers. Because I really didn't see the twist, and I think it was awesome.


At the start of this episode Juliette tells Rosalee that the pregnancy test (seen at the end of last week's episode) was negative. Rosalee gives her some concoction to help with her headaches and nausea, but makes her promise to see a doctor if it gets worse. She then helps out with the Chupacabra case (since she speaks and reads Spanish) and has a couple more stomach pains along the way. Finally, at the end of the episode as she goes to check herself in a mirror after feeling ill again, we get the 3rd cliffhanger, but also a little closure on this story, and words can't express how awesome it is, so here's some gifs.


OMG, Juliette is a hexenbeast now, that is so awesome! I really can't wait to see what they did with her now. This is a great early Christmas present from Grimm, and I love it.


And that's it for the fall finale. Hope those of you still watching enjoyed that moment as much as I did.


As much as I like the character, I'm kind of glad they're making Sgt. Wu have trouble dealing with the truth because not everyone should be able to learn about what's going on and just be ok with it. But I hope he gets out of jail and ends up ok.


I'm really excited about Juliette being a hexenbeast. The show did a great job (on me anyway) of throwing me off with all the pregnancy talk and I can't applaud them enough for it. Now we could actually get a hexenbeast-Grimm baby with just Nick and Juliette. And maybe she'll end up with Adalind's current power level. And she can see Nick's eyes turn black and maybe the show will use this as an opportunity for us to see it too.

I hope Nick ends ups either killing or seriously hurting that betraying racist-wesen-cop. Not just because it would add to the story but because he deserves it.