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300:Rise of an Empire(Spoilers I guess?)

I decided to catch an advance showing of 300:Rise of an Empire, mainly because I had nothing else to do. And it had all the things you would expect; dudes in capes and speedos, slow motion sword fighting, and copious amounts of 3D blood. And Eva Green.

The story of Rise of An Empire occurs before, during, and after the events of the first 300. They show the origins of Xerxes and how he went from human prince to god king, which amounts to very little except to introduce Eva Green's character Artemisia and show her ruthlessly cementing her power while Xerxes is out getting all tall and golden.


The movie is fast paced and really just brings more of what 300 did. Namely ridiculously ripped guys in their underwear flipping the bricks of nameless brown dudes by the dozens. The mangled history that forms the basis for the narrative is never very compelling, but I still managed to find the movie fairly entertaining.

And that was mainly because of Eva Green. Despite the Frank Miller of it all, Eva Green was just so much fun as Artemisia. Even though the movie touched on many of the comic creator turned movie consultant's greatest hits with regards to women, she was a fantastic villain and easily dominated the movie and made what may have been tedious quite a bit of fun. Hopefully she will play a villain in something not associated with Frank Miller in the future.

Overall I enjoyed it, but if you are not a fan of Frank Miller, Zack Snyder, or the first 300, there is nothing here that will make you want to see it. You'll have to find your shirtless slow-motion sword fights elsewhere.

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