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300: Rise of an Empire - What's not to like?! :p

So i finally got around to watching this flick. I gotta say, hearing some of the folk on the odeck dis it, I was prepared to dislike it. I figured it would just repeat all the unique things that made the first one so brilliant... in a way, that's exactly what it does but with one or two minor exceptions, it still felt amazingly fresh to me. Basically, I think you're all mad! :p

So the exceptions?

1. The blood. In the first movie, the slo-mo blood spatters were very stylised but still kinda realistic, insofar as it went. In this one, they seemed to have made it far more 'globular' and shiny and its, if you'll pardon the expression, bloody annoying.


2. The speeches. Pretty stilted here. Nobody can pull it off like Leonidas and no-one should have tried. Its like trying to replicate the Braveheart speech... lightning in a bottle; only one per customer!

My favorite parts?

Surprisingly enough; Themistocles and the whole political (what there was of it) side of things. I was highly entertained by the depiction of the way the Spartans are view by Athens and the rest; almost with an exasperated eye-roll at their martial enthusiasm.


Eva Green. I think I might have mentioned it before but I tend to fall in love with two types of women; prim and proper English rose types (bonus points for being a victorian nanny) and women that carry themselves with a slight edge of danger and a whiff of murder-death-kill (bonus points for smoky eye makeup). Guess which one she is in this movie...

The expansion on Xerxes, who was basically a golden cypher in the first one, was both interesting and uninformative at the same time. I assume there's some historical legends being depicted here but I never really mainlined Greek history beyond the basics so I probably missed a bunch of subtext.


Just how many caves full of mutated, wretched souls are there around the world though?

It did started to become of parade of cameos to some extent but these stories were majorly intertwined so I suppose its to be expected. Other than that, a damned solid wathc, I thought.


Basically, I came in expecting to just pay attention to the 'good bits' but instead, found myself wrapped up in it from start to finish. A great companion piece to 300, and i'm definitely going out to buy the bluray!

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