This year I decided to follow through on what I've wanted to do every year for a long time. Watch one horror movie each day in October. I went through last night and made a list of movies I want to watch. Then today I went out searching for some of them. I was surprised to find quite a few and not surprised to not find some of them. As I look for the rest I need to put this in some kind of watch order. Also, all the movies I've chosen are the original versions.

1.Dracula - Have

2.Frankenstein - Have

3.Bride of Frankenstein - Have


5.Creature from the Black Lagoon - Have


7.House on Haunted Hill

8.Rosemary's Baby

9.Hellraiser - Have

10.Nightmare on Elm Street - Have

11.Friday the 13th - Have

12.Halloween - Have


14.The Howling - Have

15.Children of the Corn - Have

16.Poltergeist - Have

17.Night of the Living Dead - Have

18.Child's Play

19.Salems Lot

20.Exorcist - Have


22.Pumpkinhead - Have

23.Candyman - Have

24.Texas Chainsaw Massacre


26.Blob - Have

27.Creepshow - Have

28.Twilight zone

29.Tales from the Darkside


31.Pet Sematary - Have

Hoping I can find the others soon. Also, any suggestions on a watch order would be great. I was thinking of ending with the OG monsters, and maybe the last movie being Halloween...Not sure yet.