Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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3D Print Your Own 8th Doctor TARDIS Console Room Play Set

After almost a solid year of work, I am finally finished with my custom 3D printable 8th Doctor TV Movie TARDIS Console Room Playset! Here’s an extremely dramatic video showing all the (mostly) working bits in action:

All the templates you need to print this, and all my other custom 5.5" scale Doctor Who action figures are available for free on



Sadly, this is something of a bittersweet victory because disaster struck during the final moments of assembly. The wires for the internal LED system snapped, and in the absolute worst place possible (right at the base of the first LED, where there was no hope of reattaching the wire further along, since everything was encased in clear resin) so all my hard work making the control panel elements light up were wasted.

At least the overhead light still gives the time rotor a bit of it’s distinctive bluish purple hue, but it’s still nowhere near as spectacular as it could be.

I will probably go back and try to print another one at some point in the future, but this console has been almost a year of my life, and for now, I just want to move on to other projects.


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