Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I've been noticing over the last few days a marked increase in articles with "fuck" and "goddamn" in their titles Kinja-wide, even (a bit surprisingly) on io9. Since I consider myself a fully-growed human bean, this amuses me much more than it affronts, as it fairly screams "click-bait directive". Because, as we all know, nothing entices interest like worty dirds. In 2015.

Just wondering what you guys thought. Has The Conversation Tree developed a case of fifth-grade potty-mouth? Is the number of click-throughs in some way directly proportional to number of fucks given? Am I making entirely too intercoursing much of this? (Short answer: Shit, yes!)

(By the way, first person to get the reference in the title wins a virtual cookie. No Googling, ya bastids!)

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