In celebration of the newest Marvel television show Daredevil and the oft-used comparison between him and Batman, I shall now list five different Marvel heroes who are totally not Batman.

1. Iron Man

Okay, so both Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are billionaire playboys. Who then go out and fight crime. But Bruce Wayne goes out and fights crime using ninja skills and technology he took from Wayne Enterprises. Tony Stark doesn't need to steal from his own company — he invented everything! Steal his company and he doesn't mope around in his mansion all day. Nope, he just starts a new company and calls it Stark Resilient.

Because he built that suit. In a cave. WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS.


2. Moon Knight

Okay, yes, both characters are nighttime vigilantes. With foreign butlers. And on/off girlfriends. And Batman is called the Dark Knight, so you may be forgiven for thinking Moon Knight is just a color-flipped Batman.

But he totally isn't. Marc Spector was a mercenary who died in the shadow of the statue of Khonshu, a moon god, who resurrected him and set him on the path of redemption. He protects those who travel by night.


Also, he now sports a totally snazzy all-white business suit and sometimes calls himself "Mr. Knight" and has alternate personalities that are caused by his mind being inhabited by a being from beyond spacetime. Just sayin'.


3. Nighthawk

Alright, we're getting a little warmer now. Sure, all of Squadron Supreme were based on the Justice League, which includes Nighthawk as their Batman figure. But he's totally not Batman!

Yes, Kyle Richmond is wealthy, but only his mother died young. His father sent him away to boarding school. Where he learned about alchemy and concocted a formula that increased his strength at night (also he was totally drunk at the time).


Also, he has an alternate reality version as well in Supreme Power (2003) who is black. And he's totally not Batman.


4. The Black Fox

Okay, so this is a bit more complicated: Robert Paine was a millionaire playboy, yes, but he totally lived during World War II. And after the war he did take on the identity of the Black Fox to fight crime, sure, but he totally isn't Batman.

His tale is told in Marvel: The Lost Generation (2000), which tells all about the years between when Captain America vanished and when the first of the present day Marvel heroes showed up.


And yes, the Black Fox did have a certain grim attitude and a lair called "the Foxhole" and later a kid sidekick, but he also totally got old. Therefore: not Batman!


5. Hawk-Owl


Oh, right, this guy. He only appeared in Ultimate Adventures (2002), an Ultimate Marvel book that used original characters. Okay, so he's totally not Batman either.


Jack Danner was a rich billionaire, yes, and lost his parents early (to drunk driving) and did train in martial arts. And yes, one day he saw a hawk attack an owl and that's why he took the name of Hawk-Owl.

And okay, he did take on a kid sidekick he named Woody and he had a lair named "the Nest" and...shoot.

He's totally Batman. Sorry, guys.