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5 movies I love...but everyone else hates.

So we all have different opinions. And most of the time, we can find a sizable number of people who agrees with our opinions. But sometimes, we are in a very, very tiny minority. This article is about those times. Here are five movies that I love, but that unfortunately not many others do.

5. Mars Attacks!


This is hands down my favorite Tim Burton movie. It's an hilarious spoof of old sci-fi genre, and it's probably the best Z-Movie ever made. Its all star cast all intentionally gives their stupidest performance (s for Nicholson) ever, but it does it completly straight-faced. None of Burton's usual candy-goth style (that I can stand anymore) can be seen here. And it's also one of the most faithful adaptation ever. An impressive feat considering the source material was trading cards.

Unfortunately, it got very mixed review and bombed at the box office. And today, it is considered to be one of Burton's inferior flicks alongside Planet of the Apes.

4. The Mummy Returns


This sequel to The Mummy, one of my favorite adventure films not starring Indiana Jones, is considered widely inferior to the first one, and received bad reviews, namely for Rogert Ebert, who paradoxically called the (IMO) turd that was the third movie the best of the trilogy. Ugh.

But personally, I really liked it. You know how, in many sequels,(Ghostbusters 2, and National Treasure: Books of Secrets for example,) the couple formed at the end of the first movie is now split up at the beginning just so they can court again to end up together again at the end of sequel? It is something I hate, but The Mummy Returns avoids it completly. Rick and Ellie were a couple in the last movie, now they are hsuband and wife and they have a child. That's great progression. I also really, really liked all the call-backs to the first movie, my favorite one being. John Hannah is as hilarious as he was in the first one, and that final scene where Imhotep silently show his respect and admiration for our heroes before killing himself? Powerful stuff.


3. Kung Pow: Enter the Fist


This weird curio from Steve Oedekerk (creator of Jimmy Neutron and director of Ace Venture: When Nature Calls) is an old Hong-Kong flick re-cut, re-dubbed and with crappy CGI added to it. It was panned by critic, only gathering an 11% on RT. And most people don't get it at all. But it's frakking hilarious! .... Well, okay. In the original English it's okay. But the Quebec dub is just pure comedic genius. This is one of two movies that I think are much, much better dubbed (the other being Slapshot). One of the great thing the dub does is that it took multiple actors to do the various voice, while in English it's all Oedekerk. I still quote that movie all the time.

2. The 13th Warrior


What do you get when you cross Beowulf, pseudo-history, Viking and a Muslim Antonio Banderas? According to critics, a big turd. According to Omar Shariff (who's in it), a movie so bad it made him sick of acting and made him take four years off from acting.

According to me, you get a sweet, if flawed, little action movie and the kick-ass inspiration for one of the best DnD game I ever DMed.


1. Cuthroat Island


This is THE flop. This is the movie that killed the careers of most people involved, and its production studio. This is the movie that hold the Guinness Record for biggest flop ever.

And growing up, I couldn't get enough of it.

I really liked Morgan Adams as a character - she was basically a female version of Han Solo for me. It had explosions, chases, sword fights (the last one in the masts is really gripping) and everything else needed to make kid me grin and wanting to reenact it with its Lego afterwards. Even today, at the venerable old age of 24 going on 25, I still watch this movie grinning from hear to hear. I love this movie, and it didn't deserve its infamy. If you've never watched it, watch it - you won't be disappointed.


That's it. That's my 5 movies I love but most other people hate. What are YOURS?

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