Brett White has a very good article on CBR about the current state of LGBT characters at Marvel and DC and how they can and should do much better. Inspired by that and by the #QueerSelfLove hashtag on Twitter, here are some LGBT comic books that Marvel and DC can make right now.

Marvel Comics

Ms. America by Kieron Gillen and Kris Anka

This is the one comic that Marvel must do. It makes so much sense and would be just so freakin’ awesome:

America Chavez was born in the Utopian Parallels, a paradise dimension that didn’t need protecting, so she left to kick ass across the Multiverse. Now, as part of the Ultimates, she saves the universe, but she knows that there are certain things around the Multiverse that only she can fight. With the help of human computer Prodigy and the 1602-version of Kate Bishop, Ms. America Chavez is ready to find multiversal monsters and kick their asses.


Union Jack by Christopher Sebela and Tana Ford

Brian Falsworth was the second Union Jack and member of the Invaders during World War II. He was also in a relationship with fellow hero Roger Aubrey, making him like a gay James Bond. If there was ever a comic that needed to be made, “gay James Bond” is up there with “gay Batman.”


Brian Falsworth’s secret missions during World War II have been declassified, but someone doesn’t want them coming into light. As his great-nephew takes on the mantle of Union Jack in order to protect his legacy, flashbacks show Brian Falsworth’s real missions and what he did to protect King and Country.

Iceman by Kate Leth and Sophie Campbell

One of the more interesting developments from Brian Michael Bendis’s X-Men run was the revelation that Iceman was gay. Although the exact circumstances of his outing are controversial, the fact that one of the original X-Men is gay has been seen as a good thing. Enough so that he should get his own book.


Robert Drake has had a tough couple of years. Right now, all he needs is a break from running around with the X-Men. After all, he still needs to figure out this whole “dating” thing and, oh, he still hasn’t come out to his parents yet either. Welp, there should be enough time to do that...with the whole world frozen solid by the Emperor of Ice Cream. Whoops, looks like there’s still things that Iceman needs to stop.

Dark Avengers by Noelle Stevenson and Molly Ostertag

I’ve always wondered why Marvel didn’t have an Avengers team dedicated solely for magic. That should be rectified, don’t you think?


When Victoria Hand is unexpectedly resurrected, she learns that this is just a byproduct of the first stage in an invasion by the forces of the Darkhold, so she decides to form a team of Avengers. To take on dark forces, however, you need Dark Avengers:

The Swamp Queen Jennifer Kale (and her pet Man-Thing), weapons expert Cullen Bloodstone, the Angelic assassins Angela and Sera, and “the other Victoria,” Victoria Montessi all become Hand’s new Dark Avengers. But can they set aside their bickering (and, frankly, sexual tension) in order to fight the demonic and deadly Darkhold Invasion? (Well, probably or else there wouldn’t be a book.)

DC Comics


Apollo and the Midnighter by Steve Orlando and Russell Dauterman

Since Steve Orlando’s Midnighter was such a breakout hit with readers, this just makes sense.

When the God Garden is destroyed and the Gardener reveals that all of that supertechnology has been scattered across the world, Midnighter realizes it’s more than one man with a computer brain can handle, so he reluctantly turns to his ex-boyfriend Apollo. Together, they will find all that supertech, while also fighting against the machinations of “the Weatherman.”


The Question by James Tynion IV and Kevin Wada

After several years missing, Renee Montoya was finally reintroduced to the New 52 in the pages of Detective Comics. However, with DC Rebirth and the relaunch of Detective Comics as the “Bat Boot Camp” book, she’s back in limbo. Until this book, that is.


When Renee Montoya finds a note labelled with a question mark to herself in her own handwriting, she knows that there are some questions she can’t answer. There are gaps in her memory and the only person who can answer them is Vic Sage, a man who died...or did he? The man who claimed to be Vic Sage apparently stole his identity before dying, so where is the real Vic Sage?

Renee Montoya has questions and now she is determined to get answers no matter what.


Maxima by Marguerite Bennett and Brooke Allen

In the old DC universe, Maxima was an alien princess who wanted to mate with Superman in order to have children. She pretty much always tried to seduce him while either playing the part of a villain or a hero. In the New 52, however, she has arguably a much better backstory: along with Supergirl, she was a student of the Crucible Academy, who trained the best of the best to be their planet’s protectors. She was sent to the Crucible because her family wanted her to find a man to mate with, but instead she found she liked Supergirl better.

This book would be about Maxima, an alien princess exiled from her home for failing to find a mate, going to the only place she knows that she will be accepted: Earth. Wacky hijinx and punching, of course, ensue.


The Outsiders by Magdalene Visaggio and Phil Jimenez

When Evelyn “Starling” Crawford moved away from Gotham City, she tried to start a new life away from heroism and villainy. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out that well and several supervillains came to collect on debts they owed.


Now, she finds herself forming a team of other outsiders, those like herself who don’t fit in one side or another, to beat back against the system, to do what the heroes can’t do. There’s the electric Thunder and the super strong Grace Choi, the mysterious Midnight Rider and the alien Mikaal Thomas and the cheerful Kate Godwin.

And then there’s the mysterious woman who says that she should be dead, but she too was given a second chance, a second world to live in. A woman who calls herself Silhouette.

In order to fight the things they find, however, these Outsiders find themselves going, well, outside. Into space itself.


So there we go. I tried to include both single character and team books, although the team books all ended up being pretty eclectic. What are your suggestions?