So I watched The Wolverine last night. It was pretty fun, but it made me realize something... (SPOILERS)

Before I get further with the spoilerific discussion, I want to say I enjoyed the film. It was uneven and completely ridiculous, but it was a silly fun summer movie. It felt oddly like a Bond film, possibly due to the fact that it was big on "exotic" locales and cultural stereotypes. The best part of the film was clearly Yukio and all of her fighting scenes. And her character was so much compelling than everyone else's despite being sidelined as a sidekick-ish character.

Aaaanyway. Here's some spoilery parts.


There were two things that popped up in my mind as I watched the movie. The first one was how I interpreted Logan's nightmares with Jean. I saw it as Jean/Phoenix entity reaching out to Logan in a non-corporeal form, perhaps as an echo of the person that she was. Hopefully it's vague enough that they can bring her back in some form sometimes later when Fox has exhausted its X-Men goldmine? Also, Famke Janssen looks like she never ages?


The other thing was how much I missed the original trilogy. Why, the stinger with Magneto and Professor X made me wish that Fox would just can the First Class continuity all together and bring everyone back from the earlier series now that Bryan Singer's back on board. I didn't like how First Class ended, but the stinger really pushed it over the edge for me.