A Cure for Wellness Gives us a Glimpse at the BioShock Movie that Almost Was

This weekend, to mixed critical reception Gore Verbinski’s first movie since 2013’s The Lone Ranger released to theaters. A Cure for Wellness offers both beautiful and grotesque visuals, but fans of 2008’s BioShock should pay attention for another reason. Verbinski was the director who almost brought Rapture to film.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Ch. 13-14: The Answer Was In Front of Us THE WHOLE TIME

This episode, we discuss: evolving friend dynamics; Snape gets around; Neville is a badass; rabbit holes; Medieval Elvis; my incredible overarching theory of the series OMG; principles of alchemy; why the Sorcerer’s Stone, both the book and the object, are the keys to the entire series; the four stages of creating a…

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Ch. 11-12: That's What She Erised

This week on Advanced Muggle Studies we discuss: Quidditch-induced ball bruising; Snape/Filch slashfic; Lee Jordan for President; never tell Hagrid a secret; Voldemort’s eternal grudge against the Weasleys; holiday wish fulfillment; shagging in the Restricted Section; Hermione saves the world one piece of chocolate at…