Doctor Who Across the Pond - Spoilerific Reaction and Discussion Thread for Series 10, Episode 1: "The Pilot"

“Nothing’s sad ‘til it’s over. Then everything is.” Please discuss! It is just 15 minutes away from starting on the East Coast of the USA, and I’ll be watching it with family. After the pilot “The Pilot” of the new series, I’ll jump back in to discuss and give my impressions. Also: spoilers.

Watch Russia's Astromech Unerringly Shoot a Whole Wall of Targets Like It's Bruce Willis in Last Man Standing

Over at Mashable, there’s a good article about Russia’s ISS-bound space robot being shown off via its extra-added ability to “double fist lethal hand cannons”. It’s the “perfect” way for the Russians to show off its complex motor function skills and software by having it blast away with unnerving accuracy. Yes, it…