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A bangishotyou/spaced99 original!

So, just FYI, spaced99 and myself have been collaborating on some tunes and the first finished product has been completed and uploaded to YouTube. And this here is it.

The footage is from Last Man on Earth. The guitar you hear was played by me and the synth is all spaced99.


For a bit of background, that bit I do is a song I came up with a long time ago and I sent it over as is to spaced99. He ran with it and added his own unique twist to it, turning it into a really nice and creepy piece. He then set it to that footage and the overall work is haunting and amazing and great.

What do you all think?

We've also got some more stuff we'll be sharing once it gets completed, mostly when I get decent recordings sent over to him to work with, but it's a start!

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