Hello Everyone!

So I finally jumped on the bandwagon and saw Pacific Rim this weekend.

Also, known as this film:

I enjoyed it. Especially because I was a huge Gundam and Big O fan as a kid. Now. What made it super awesome was that I saw it in a drive in movie theater. They still have those. I was amazed. It was a three screen theater in the middle of the desert in South-Western America. I didn't anticipate seeing a movie that evening, but the moment I saw the billboard on the sign of the highway my car did a 180 degree turn. Which was probably a bad idea considering the amount of traffic.

Now. I brought my car in and parked myself right in front of the screen showing Pacific Rim. Families were camped out next to their cars and I snuggled into my seat waiting for night fall curled up with my soda.


Night finally fell. I turned on my radio. It crackled and the message and the introduction to the film started coming on. The narrators voice was altered by the radio and he sounded like someone talking on television 30 years ago. It was wonderful. I felt like it was the mid 1960's and I was seeing one of the original Godzilla movies for the first time. Which really, is how I felt about Pacific Rim. It was an honest to god love letter to 1960's B Monster Movies made in 2013. It was cheesy, it was corny, and I couldn't pick a better place to watch it then the corniest format of all; a drive in. The only thing that could have made it better was if they started warning me about the Communist Threat.

Towards the end of the film I had to sneak out to use the facilities. I headed past rows of kids with their mouths hanging open in sheer awe. There was a family next to my car. The kids didn't get up once they were so glued to their seats. The last time I remember seeing that reaction was when my father took me to the re-release of Star Wars Episode IV when I was 8 years old.


Pacific Rim wasn't the best film I've ever seen. But for some of those kids, this was that one cheesy film that's going to stick with them from now on. I'm just happy that they got to enjoy it in a drive in before they all close down.