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A brief history of wiener dog racing (Updated with a new lesson!)

The House of Hatrack will be heading to the German Festival on Sunday for beer, sausages and wiener dog races. True story about the early days of wiener dog races:

In a bid for authenticity, the WDRAA (Wiener Dog Racing Association of America) ruled that all dogs must carry jockeys just as the participants in horse races do to this day. As the dogs were too small to carry human riders the rules were bent to allow jockeys of the feline variety. At the beginning of each race the steward would call out for the jockeys to mount their wiener dogs with a cry of “Cats Up!”



As you can see from the schedule, the races were preceded by the “Blessing of the Doxies.” We were puzzled what this could be about but it turns out that this was a task originally performed by the town prostitutes as they were thought to be the best judges of wieners.

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