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A Caption for You! And a Caption for You! Captions for EVERYONE!

Last week I asked for some captions for this mash-up:

And you delivered!

"I can show you the world...oops, wrong movie." - Flowergirlphysicist

"There's something there that wasn't there before..." -derfvader

No thanks. I've read this story. It doesn't end well for the heroine. - Quasi Hatrack


Come with me and I can introduce you to a third dimension and dating agencies. -Sparrowgrass

"Excuse me. Would you care to hear another tale as old as time?" - Captain Max and Jinx

When Disney animators only have green ink available it's time to call the Doctor. - Ukeleledan


"Why not, you can't be as bad as that bloody dope fiend caterpillar." - Pitchblende

"I want adventurrrrre in the great wide some whereeeeee-"

"Excuse me, Miss, did you say some where?" - Ash (not from Pallet town)

"Finally, some place that *might* be big enough to hold all the books I need to read." - Corpsegoddess


"I can take you to a place that has every book ever written, words that have been scribed by creatures you can't even imagine, and let you read them all."

Belle took the outstretched hand.-Jinxe

"Don't blink, or the candle and plates will move" - enlklight


"Vincent? Is that you?"

"Yes, Catherine"

"I had to be sure. You look just like that guy in the traffic jam" - enlklight

Alons-y! - FrankNStein


Thanks everyone!

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