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A cool part of Face Off - Let's go see some creatures, Daddy

Michael Westmore's weekly visits to the Face Off workshop really seem to be just part of a father-daughter day. It was McKenzie Westmore* and one of the judges stopping by originally but they finally got her father do it. I imagine the pitch went like this.

McKenzie: Hi, Daddy. Wanna go to lunch.

Michael: Sure. I've always got time for you.

McKenzie: Great! I just need to stop by work on the way.

Michael: You still doing that makeup artist show?

McKenzie: Yeah. Why don't you come with me to the workshop? The contestants would love to meet you. Maybe you could give them a little advice too.

Michael: Anything for my girl.

McKenzie: Daddy, you're the greatest!


*McKenzie has her own Star Trek cred from appearing on Voyager and The Next Generation.

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