Just a few things that didn't quite justify their own posts.

First off, just how many different outfits do they have up on the International Space Station? There are five different flightsuits in the photos above. Add in the polo shirts and t-shirts with mission logos and that's a lot of variety.

By the way they don't have a laundry machine on the ISS. The resupply craft bring up fresh clothes. The used clothing goes into the resupply craft with the rest of the trash and is burned up on re-entry.

Speaking of resupply, next week the Cygnus spacecraft (pictured above at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility) will launch on a demonstration cargo resupply mission to the ISS. The launch was originally scheduled for Tuesday but has been postponed until Wednesday due to poor weather and a technical issue (which has been fixed).


Earlier this year Gizmodo had a story on what's on Voyager's golden disk that is our message to anyone who might find the craft. Unlike the Pioneer craft, the two Voyager craft have no images of nude humans which will be a relief to any prudish aliens.


(Voyager disk image from Gizmodo, all other images from NASA)