Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

In which an email conversation takes an odd turn and ends up in a completely different place than where it started.

WinnieTheWoot had some free time yesterday morning in the computer lab so she was reading “Morning Spoilers” and sent me an email.


WtW: According to Morning Spoilers, next season of Agents of SHIELD is going to cross over with Doctor Strange. There goes any chance of me wanting to watch it.

Me: AoS crossovers are very minimal. It’s not like Bartholomew Cubbinsnatch is going to be showing up.

WtW: Bigglesworth Concubine is representative of half of the problem, namely the blatant white-washing. I don’t know how to put the other half into words at the moment.

In other news, “Concubine Bigglesworth” sounds like a great subject for a Monty Python skit.


Me: The Ancient One was a lose-lose-lose situation no matter what they did. You cast Tilda Swinton and it’s white washing, you cast Chow Yun Fat and it’s the Mystical Asian. Don’t include the Ancient One and the fan boys will be calling for your head. At least they didn’t do yellow face.

Concubine Bigglesworth of the RAF.

WtW: Concubine Bigglesworth: an epic romance begins when a British explorer is captured by the Ottoman Empire and accidentally sent to be imprisoned with the harem rather than in a dungeon...


Me: Hilarity ensues when the audience learns that Concubine Bigglesworth is a poofter.


“No, sir, here they are called djinni.”

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